Pierre Poilievre Calls For Suspending Justin Trudeau’s Pay Until He Shows Up To Work

Conservative finance critic introduces motion calling for the pay to be suspended.

With Justin Trudeau refusing to show up to work even on the few days his own government picked for rare House of Commons sitting, Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre is calling for Trudeau’s pay to be suspended until he shows up.

Here’s what Poilievre Tweeted:

“Parliament should suspend Trudeau’s pay until he comes to work.

I introduced a motion to that effect at Finance Committee today.

The chair tried to shut it down. I will bring it back.”

Considering that millions of Canadians are facing serious financial strain amid a devastated economy, it’s only fair for politicians to share in the sacrifice, especially if – like Justin Trudeau – they won’t even show up at work.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Marion Leyland

I support this 100%. How much longer can Canadians put up with this excuse for a Prime Minister?


Another reason to love Pierre Poilievre…


Pierre Poilievre is absolutely wonderful, he has such good thoughts FOR Canadians, thank you for your very realistic, common sense work.

Moe S.

Pierre needs to take his proposal further i.e., massive pay cuts, at 20% for ALL politiicians, civil servants & the CBC. The pay cuts should stay in place until the country returns to normal unemployment rates.


An alternate suggestion is to give our non illustrious leader non stop vacation time
to lessen the misery, suffering, corruption and death he inflicts upon the Canadian people. He does no seem to like us, or care for us anyway, as even the liberal voters are finally realizing. When even the lefty separtists want him to leave you know his time is up!

Garlet Farlett

20 days in 6 weeks?!?! Us poor tax paying pleebs wouldn’t even have a JOB if we did something like that… Incredible.