TRUDEAU ETHICS SCANDAL: Documents Prove Trudeau Cabinet & Political Staff Pushed For WE, False Blaming Of Bureaucrats Debunked

Canadians knew the Liberals were lying, now there is proof beyond challenge.

Newly released documents have now fully debunked the Liberals attempt to blame the bureaucracy for the WE charity contract.

The documents show that cabinet minister Bardish Chagger spoke to WE co-founder Craig Kielburger on April 17th.

On April 22nd, Kielburger sent Chagger an email thanking her for the meeting, adding “Our weekend team has also been hard at work to adapt your suggestion of a second stream focused on a summer service opportunity.”

The ‘summer service opportunity’ is what ended up being the massive contract the Liberals tried giving to WE.

In between the Chagger-Kielburger phone call and Kielburger’s email, a deputy minister working under Chagger contacted WE, saying she wanted to talk to Kielburger regarding “something we are working on that might be of interest to WE.”

Then, a deputy minister working under then finance minister Bill Morneau, said “ESDC thinks that ‘WE’ might be able to be the volunteer matching third party … The mission of WE is congruent with national service and they have a massive following on social media.”

That same official said the PMO had been “weighing in” on the proposal.

Another official in Morneau’s office then said he had talked “with the team at WE this morning.”

After further discussions around the government, the Trudeau PMO approved the contract with WE, leading to scandal we see today.

Everything is now made abundantly clear:

Chagger reports to Trudeau.

Morneau (when he was in the job) reported to Trudeau.

Chagger’s discussion with WE got the ball rolling on the contract.

Officials working under both Chagger and Morneau were involved.

The final decision was made by the PMO and Justin Trudeau.

That’s why blaming the bureaucracy is so absurd.

Nothing would have even gotten started without Trudeau cabinet officials getting involved, and nothing could have been approved without Trudeau signing off.

What the Liberals clearly did is make it obvious to the government that WE was the choice of the PM and those who reported to him, initiating the process to pick WE, and then hilariously have Trudeau ‘express concern,’ to try and complete the ruse and act as if it wasn’t what he and his cabinet were pushing for all along.

Making this even more absurd is that this is just what we know from the public portion of these documents. Tons of the documents have been totally blacked out, meaning the Liberals are still engaging in a desperate cover up.

Throwing the bureaucracy under the bus is merely a disgraceful attempt by the Liberals to do what they always do: Avoid Trudeau being held accountable and blaming others for his mistakes.

Spencer Fernando

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