WATCH: Teaser For New Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Game Has Disturbing Parallels To Current Destabilization Of The Western World

“Destabilization. Crisis. Normalization.”

“Know your history, or be doomed to repeat it.”

That’s a quote in the teaser trailer for the upcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

While some dismiss video games in terms of political influence, they are massive cultural products.

Millions of people will play Black Ops Cold War, and it will have budget far bigger than most movies.

With that in mind, the message in the teaser trailer is quite interesting:

Ostensibly, the trailer refers to events during the Cold War, featuring KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, who first defected to Canada.

Bezmenov had warned the West that the KGB had a long-term plan for the destabilization of the Western World.

In this full interview below, he outlines what he says was going on:

The trailer for the game is of course much shorter, and focuses on three things:




Clearly, all of this things are happening as we speak.

Our society is being destabilized, in large part by radical left ideology that is seeking to turn an entire generation of people against their own nation and against the idea of the Western world itself.

We are in an economic & health crisis, caused by a Communist State.

And in response to that crisis, our leaders are normalizing a level of government power and control that would have been unthinkable previously, while having failed to use their already-existing power to stop the virus before it got in to our country.

All of this is happening as China exerts immense influence within Canada and throughout the world, in large part because of ‘useful idiots’ in the West who sell out their own nation for the chance to make money in China, or because they have been indoctrinated to hate the Western world and love anyone who opposes the Western world.

You know we live in disturbing times when a teaser trailer for a video game offers a more accurate warning of what’s happening than the media does.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter