WATCH: Joe Biden Delivers Speech At Democratic Convention

Biden’s speech will cap off the 4 day Democratic convention.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden is capping off the Democratic National Convention with a speech formally accepting party’s nomination for President.

Biden’s remarks come as polls show the race between Biden and US President Donald Trump tightening.

You can watch Biden’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

Four seconds was all I could stand…….


Oh yes Biden said he will work for a American worker not for a chosen few.It is exactly opposite what he and Obama did.They transferred 74000 manufacturing companies to China deindustrialised USA,and for the payment they got sentinel drugs and a lot of homelless people,and when that was not enough for a change China gave them corrona virus,but exusse me I can not say that I will be willified for it.Trump is the only man that thinks of a working man and knows that charity begins at home.