Canadians Are Wondering If Trudeau’s “Canada’s Back” Slogan Was A Coded Racist Appeal

Because this is the game we are all playing now.

Apparently, everything is a secret racist ‘dog-whistle’ now, with the establishment press and far-left activists trying to claim that “Take Canada Back” is somehow a ‘dog-whistle’ to racism.

Alright then.

Two can play this game, and it’s actually quite easy to play, so here we go.

Was Justin Trudeau’s “CANADA’S BACK” slogan a coded appeal to racism?

In the 2015 campaign, and after he won, Justin Trudeau repeatedly said “Canada’s Back,” “We’re Back,” and other slogans implying that Canada had been taken away and was somehow only ‘returned’ when the Liberals took power.

So where did Canada go?

Who took it?

Was it the Conservatives, who had the most diverse Caucus in Canadian political history?

Was it Indigenous People, who Trudeau has repeatedly betrayed and used, while mocking real problems faced on Indigenous communities (thank you for your donation).

Was it black Canadians, who Trudeau repeatedly mocked by wearing blackface?

Who had Canada before, and why was it only returned when Trudeau and his narrow group of entrenched elitists won an election?

It would be easy to claim that Trudeau was making a coded racist appeal, far more easier than claiming O’Toole is doing that.

In fact, there is far more evidence for Trudeau being racist than there is for O’Toole.

So, if the Liberals want to play this game, let’s play it.

Every Liberal MP must denounce Trudeau’s racist “Canada’s Back” slogan, or they are complicit in his racist attitudes against Canadians.

See how easy that was?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Major Tom

Racist…….racist……ah yes……we’re told that a racist is someone who consistently wins an argument with a Marxist………….Makes sense…..


How can Liberals even sleep at night, knowing that they are secretly racist and that they support someone who clearly thinks blackface mockery is acceptable?

Just thinking – How is the Phoenix payroll collapse going? Has anyone been paid or is it just the upper Management that made sure they gave themselves bonuses?


Off topic, but I the Michelle Obama adds have to go.


Im I a racist now that I said Michelle Obamas Adds have to go? Can’t win for losing with the racist left