Leadership: Erin O’Toole Promises He’ll Stand Up To China, Rips Trudeau “Basic Dictatorship” Obsession

“Trudeau’s obsession with China should not come as a surprise. For decades, many Canadian corporate and financial insiders were espousing deeper and closer ties with China at all costs. They were willing to look past the Chinese government’s numerous human rights abuses, flagrant trade abuses and security issues because the potential to sell into the massive Chinese market was so lucrative.”

In an article in the National Post, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is promising he’ll stand up to China as Prime Minister.

During his leadership campaign, O’Toole took a tough line on China, promising not to seek ‘free trade’ with the Communist State, counter their increasing military efforts in the arctic, and making clear he would ban Huawei from any role.

Now, O’Toole is staying true to what he campaigned on, which is great to see. The rising threat of China – including efforts to infiltrate our country – is one of the biggest issues facing Canada, and O’Toole is promising a tough approach.

Here’s an excerpt of O’Toole’s article:

“I have often said that Canada needs an “eyes wide open” approach to China, in order to see the country as it is and not as corporate lobbyists would like it to be. While Trudeau bases his views on what he has been told by these circles, I have based my views on my own experiences: as a lawyer who investigated counterfeiting and other intellectual property issues based out of China; as a veteran who has been watching China’s military expansion and its ambitions in the Arctic; and as a Canadian who believes that we cannot ignore human rights abuses and bad conduct just because we want to grow our exports.

Trudeau’s approach to China has failed, and it’s weakened our standing in the world. We must stand up for our citizens who have been detained as bargaining chips in an extradition case, even if it leads to more reprisals from Beijing.

We must work with our allies — including India, Japan and the Five Eyes countries — to counterbalance China’s trade actions and present a united front of opposition to the treatment of the Uyghurs and the violation of the “one country, two systems” agreement for Hong Kong. We must grow new markets and repatriate some critical manufacturing to ensure we can weather the likely pushback we will get from China for standing on principle.”

The full article is well worth reading. O’Toole is offering the type of leadership Canada needs to push back against the Chinese Communist Party.

Spencer Fernando

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