POLL: Liberal Support Drops, O’Toole Conservatives Strong In Ontario

Abacus Data poll mirrors recent other polling showing a narrowing race.

A new poll by Abacus Data has some more good news for the Conservatives, who appear to be in a decent position following Erin O’Toole’s leadership win.

Since the last Abacus poll, the Liberals have dropped from 36% to 33%, while the Conservatives went up 1 point, from 30% to 31%.

The NDP trail far back with 18%, while the Bloc and Greens are both at 7%.

Regionally, the Liberals lead the NDP & Conservatives in BC, with 37% to the NDP at 30% and the Conservatives 21%.

The Conservatives dominate in Alberta and Saskatchewan, leading the Liberals and NDP by nearly 30 points in both provinces.

In Manitoba, the Conservatives lead the Liberals 44% to 31%, while in Ontario, the Liberals have a narrow lead, with 36% to the Conservatives at 34%. That is within the margin-of-error.

In Quebec, the Bloc and Liberals are tied at 31%, with the Conservatives in third with 17%.

And in Atlantic Canada, the Liberals have 39%, while the Conservatives are at 30%.

While most Canadians still have yet to form an impression of Erin O’Toole, 21% of Canadians have a positive impression of him, while 19% have a negative impression. The number of people with a negative impression has dropped from 22%, while the number with a positive impression rose from 14%.

Notably, O’Toole’s numbers improved most in Ontario, where the number of people with a positive impression went from 11% to 21%. That is an early indication that O’Toole could do well in Ontario, a region that is key for the Conservatives to be able to defeat the Liberals.

So far, O’Toole is off to a strong start as CPC leader.

Spencer Fernando