WATCH: Trump Hosts Abraham Accords Ceremony

Objectively, Trump has done far more to earn a Nobel Prize than Obama or any other recent US President.

While it’s popular in the establishment press to call Donald Trump a ‘warmonger,’ the reality is proving to be quite the opposite.

Trump’s unique combination of a willingness to aggressively threaten to use US military power, while simultaneously seeking to remove troops from the Middle East (as he promised in 2016), has gotten results.

While previous Presidents spoke in kind words while starting new wars, Trump has sought to do the opposite.

And, whether people like it or not, the prospect for peace in the Middle East is greater than any time in recent memory.

Under the Trump Administration, multiple Arab states are signing deals with Israel, normalizing relations and moving closer and closer towards peace.

While ‘normalizing’ may seem modest, it is quite a big step, because for a long-time many Arab states denied Israel’s right to exist at all.

Notably, while Iran and the Palestinians are calling these deals a ‘betrayal,’ those making peace with Israel seem to be unaffected by those critiques, showing that a growing number of leaders are tired of the endless grievance politics and want to actually get something done.

Of course, if Obama or another previous US President had overseen these peace deals, they would be the odds on favourite for the Nobel Prize.

For political reasons, Trump seems to not get credit from much of the media for things he does right, while all attention goes towards things he’s perceived as doing wrong.

But, an objective, fair-minded analysis shows that under the Trump Administration, there have been no new wars launched by the US, peace in the Middle East is growing closer, Iran is increasingly isolated, Saudi Arabia is taking action against Islamic fundamentalists, more Islamic leaders are moving beyond anti-Semitism, and US troop levels in the Middle East are going down. All of that is worthy of praise.

WATCH: Trump hosts Abraham Accords signing ceremony:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gee Bee

Yet again Spencer, you have courageously written (unpopular) truth. Your assessments and conclusions are sound and so refreshing; so needed in the polluted atmosphere of state run, global agenda infected media. Bravo!!


God bless President Trump and God bless the American people smart enough to re-elect him !! The ‘Democrats’ ? Pfffttt – a lost , socialist cause.

Eric Blair

What have our PM said about these peace agreements in the middle east? Nothing I bet. Maybe Erin could offer his congrads to all concerned in the middle east.


May the Lord and God of Israel Bless Pres. Trump and nations that seek peace with Israel.