Head Of Public Health Agency Of Canada Quits

What is really going on here?

The Public Health Agency of Canada is now without a leader.

Tina Namiesniowski has been on the job for only about a year and half, yet is now leaving her post.

She is set to resign in the coming days.

Here’s what she said in a statement to staff:

“You really need someone who will have the energy and the stamina to take the agency and our response to the next level. While responding to this crisis, we’ve done many things since then to add capacity, improve processes, take on new roles and really build up the competence that had diminished in recent years. All of this work has taken a personal toll on so many people. I put myself in that category.”

This is quite odd.

If you run the public health agency of Canada, your job is to deal with a crisis like this. This could mean that there are internal fights behind the scenes.

For example, Patty Hajdu is facing mounting criticism for refusing to approve an at-home CCP Virus test, and there is bound to be a lot of internal anger over the immense incompetence Hajdu has shown in the post.

And now, at a time when Canada is already reeling under the failed ‘leadership’ of Trudeau, Hajdu, and Tam, there is even more chaos in the response.

This is happening as we recently learned – from Patty Hajdu herself – that she knew in December about the virus threat, then spent months opposing border controls and saying the ‘risk was low.’

This incompetence has cost thousands of Canadian lives.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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