The National Research Council Oversaw The Debacle Of Partnering With China On A CCP Virus Vaccine. Justin Trudeau Just Picked Their Leader As The New Public Health Agency Head


One of the key things we see in government is that total incompetence and failure is rarely punished, and is far more often rewarded.

And that’s exactly the case with the new Public Health Agency of Canada leader.

Last week, Tina Namiesniowski decided to quit amid the Crisis, saying she needed “a break.”

She has been rewarded with a new role as a ‘senior official’ in the Privy Council office.

Meanwhile, guess who is replacing her at the Public Health Agency?

Iain Stewart.

Stewart was most recently the head of the National Research Council.

During his tenure, the National Research Council made the ‘brilliant’ decision to partner with the Chinese Communist Military on a vaccine for the virus that originated from China, despite China’s endless lies, threats against our nation, and kidnapping of our Citizens.

As you can imagine, that didn’t work out well.

China never shipped the vaccine to Canada for trials, and the partnership was cancelled.

First of all, deciding to partner with China was an incredibly dumb move.

Second, they couldn’t even make that dumb move work.

Yet, the guy in charge of the NRC when all that happened will now be the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the person he replaced – who apparently couldn’t handle the job – is still in a powerful government role.

That’s the difference between the lives of well-connected government elites and the rest of us. While we pay a price for our failures, people in government just fail upwards to positions of even greater power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube