BREAKING: Liberals & NDP Reach Deal, Giving Trudeau Blank Cheque To Remain In Power

The NDP is a crippled party that is unable to fight an election. The Liberals exploited this, and let the NDP claim a ‘win’ to keep the Liberals in power.

The NDP and Liberals have reached an agreement that will allow the Liberals to stay in power.

In short, the Liberals ‘compromised’ on things they almost certainly planned to change anyway, giving the NDP a ‘win’, allowing them to save face and keep the Liberals in power.

In reality, Jagmeet Singh has given Justin Trudeau a blank cheque to stay in power, despite Trudeau’s endless lies and ethics scandals.

Because of Jagmeet Singh’s incompetent ‘leadership,’ the NDP is a crippled party, unable to raise much money, losing volunteers, weak in the polls, and financially moribund.

They can’t fight an election.

Yet, for Singh to say that publicly would be the end of his leadership, so instead he is pretending that this is a principled stance.

On Twitter, Darshan Maharaja summed things up well:

“Compulsion masquerading as virtue. NDP is flat broke and can’t afford to mount a campaign in case of an election.”

The Liberals made changes to paid sick leave and unemployment benefits, in line with what the NDP had demanded.

Of course, it’s almost certain that the Liberals planned ahead of time to make those changes.

Also, it’s almost certain that had the Liberals ignored his demands, he would have found an excuse to prop them up anyway, since he leads a crippled party.

Now, Justin Trudeau has a blank cheque to remain in power, emboldening him even further to plunge our nation further into debt, cripple our economy, and weaken our nation even more.

Spencer Fernando

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Rodney Brucks

Jagmeet will now collect his forty pieces of silver.


It is likely Horgan will be successful in his morally corrupt power grab. Watch for the WEXIT movement to grow as long as they get rid of that stupid and immature “Maverick” name.Today’s younger voters have no idea what that was.


NDP got a seat in South Burnaby because our prime minister wanted it.Liberals had a candidate in South Burnaby,but during the byelection liberal candidate said something on Chinese ep and the liberal candidate was demonised by being racist and removed from running in that seat.It was deliberately done to aid NDP to win that seat.It was a calculated risk by the liberals and well planed.NDP owes a favour to liberals.


Why wouldn’t the NDP dissolve and join the Liberals as their Left Wing radical element? The united party would then truly mirror the US DemocRat party. I would love to see the Conservatives absorb the Bloc with a deal to help make Quebec independent within 3 years of the Conservatives winning a second consecutive majority government. With Quebec gone the Liberals lose up to 78 seats. Ontario would come to its senses in the 416 and 905 and a Conservative party would lead Canada back to power and prosperity.

Arie Intveld

Swell. Canadians will now be well on their way to facing a $2 trillion national debt. Venezuela 2.0 … here we come.


Is Suck-Up Singh actually a separate person? You know, he could just be JT in one of his costumes.


Two of Canada’s worse criminals

Major Tom

Let the police state continue! Where are the Red Chinese troops?

Brian Dougan

Ed Broadbent….Jack Layton. Both former leaders of what was once the NDP. Both of them men of principle, and men of integrity. I think that they would have collapsed Trudeau’s cabal of nation wreckers….After the last election. Like Trudeau; Singh stands for nothing of value.