Marci Ien, Liberal Candidate In Toronto, Promoted 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Will the Liberals denounce Ien for pushing 9/11 conspiracies?

Liberal candidate and co host of CTV’s ‘The Social’, appears to be a 9/11 ‘truther.’

In 2011, Ien posted about “Loose Change,” the conspiracy theory movie about 9/11 that has been widely discredited:

“Watching “Loose Change 9-11: An American Coup”. Really makes you think about what really happened on September 11, 2001.”

In case the Tweet is deleted, I have included a screenshot below:

On Twitter, Deputy Conservative Leader Candice Bergen ripped Ien & Trudeau:

[email protected] …if Libs are looking for someone to fire, how about the law breaking, dishonest, woman groping, MP for Papineau, PMJT or his handpicked candidate from Toronto Centre who appears to believe and validate 9/11 conspiracy theories.”

While I’m not a fan of the whole cancel game, it’s the game the Liberals want to play. They’re trying to attack a Conservative candidate who called Kamala Harris ‘transracial,’ which isn’t even incorrect.

So, if the Liberals want to play that game, then the game must be played against them.

Will they denounce Ien for promoting 9/11 conspiracies?

Will they remove her as a candidate?

Or will they continue to be pathetic hypocrites who demand others live up to standards they can’t meet themselves?

I think we already know the answer to that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Ben Raber

I don’t like thought police. I like people asking questions… covid, 911 or anything else


Spencer I think you may have just cut off your right foot. The stories listed as conspiracies are indeed fact. In the months to come people will be on trial by military court for treason for their part in this travesty. Remember there are living relatives who read your articles. Seek the truth before quick comments. Aside from that I am on your side.


Please post your “facts”.


Have you been living under a rock ?
Pat is right .


Upvotes, Thanks for including Candice’s comments about PMJT. So true.


Conspiracy “theories” often become conspiracy facts. A lot these days it seems.


Building 7 didn’t kill itself.

Van Wyck

First things first; I am no fan of Marci Ien or her employer. And certainly not her politics.
But questioning the BS 9/11 report is not promoting conspiracy theories, it is simply applying scrutiny of the story we were given, of force-fed. There are too many holes in the whole 9/11 saga to NOT question it.
M.I. is a journalist. I wish more journalists would publically question some of the baloney we are fed daily. Especially something as profound and life-changing for the world as 9/11.