If An Election Happens, Trudeau Will Be 100% To Blame

The Liberals are solely responsible.

As you’ve been watching everything happening in the country, you are certainly aware of this above all:

If an election happens, the Liberals and Justin Trudeau are 100% to blame.

After all, the Opposition is simply pushing for a committee to investigate possible government corruption.

If the Liberals didn’t fear their corruption being exposed, they wouldn’t be trying to stop the committee from being created.

If they didn’t fear what the truth would reveal, they wouldn’t be threatening to make the vote on the committee a confidence matter.

And if they truly believed they had done the right thing, the Liberals wouldn’t be threatening to push Canada into an election during the CCP Virus pandemic.

As we know, the creation of a Parliamentary Committee is never seen as a confidence vote.

It is not something that happens that way.

By desperately trying to change the rules, the Liberals are showing how scared they are.

And that means that if the vote on the committee passes, and an election results, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will be totally to blame.

100% to blame.

That’s not debatable.

That’s not arguable.

You and I know it is simply the reality.

The Liberals are to blame for all of this, and they continue to show their contempt for Canadians by trying to get away with so much corruption and hypocrisy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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