Betraying Canadian Workers: Amid Massive Job Losses & Economic Damage, Liberals Plan To Push For Record-High Immigration Levels

This is disastrous for Canadian workers, and will further drive down wages while making it tougher for people to find jobs.

Amid the ongoing economic damage from the China Virus, Canada’s fiscal situation has deteriorated massively.

Money printing is off the chain at the Bank of Canada, our deficit is the LARGEST ON EARTH as a percentage of GDP, our debt has surged, and our unemployment rate is one of the highest among developed nations.

While there has been some recovery, the fact remains that many more Canadians are still out of work, and many are unable to find work.

For those who have found work, hours have often been slashed, and many of the newer jobs are not as secure – a trend we have seen for sometime as ‘new jobs’ are worse than the previous ones.

Yet, with such a high unemployment rate, the Trudeau Liberals are planning to make things even worse for Canadian Workers.

As noted in a recent article, the Liberals are still planning to push for record high immigration levels in 2021:

“Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino is leaning against scaling back the government’s immigration targets for the coming years, according to two people familiar with the matter. That includes bringing in 351,000 new permanent residents in 2021 — the most in a century. The government will update its three-year projections within the next month.”

This is a disastrous idea.

One of the biggest scams pulled by the elites is linking the idea of immigration to ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion.’

They have managed to convince many people that any opposition to immigration is somehow ‘racist,’ while in reality massive immigration benefits global corporations by driving down wages, making workers more desperate, and reducing the bargaining power of Canadian Workers.

Even as polls show a majority of Canadians oppose higher immigration, the Liberals keep pushing ahead with more and more immigration, even amid all of this economic carnage.

This will hurt Canadian workers, at a time when we should be moving Canada in a more pro-worker, pro-Citizen direction that focuses on helping those already within our country first and foremost.

Spencer Fernando

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It is HIGH Time that we have an Election! The Corrupt Liberals are going against everything that Canadians want. We do NOT want more Immigration! Let’s Vote Out all the Liberals and the NDP!

Gerri Page

We are so deep in debt with basically nothing for Canada or Canadians since JT was foolishly voted in. Opening the door for thousands of immigrants who will come with empty pockets and lots of kids to receive all the benefits and 5 star hotels just for votes. JT needs a mental evaluation and maybe his brain is fried.

Major Tom

That former Honorary Professor at Peking University…..that late Canadian globalist…..The Honorable Maurice F. Strong PC CC OM FRSC FRAIC……who chaired the UN’s Rio Summit in 1993……so infamously stated……”Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” Isn’t that just what Trudeau and his henchmen are doing?

Brian Dougan

“There’s the iceberg–Full speed ahead!!” (Trudope; his underlings, and the elites have their lifeboats at the ready.) The rest of us are headed for Davey Jones’ Locker.


Yet the brain-dead Soviet Canucks continue to love him.


Immigration is the Last Thing that Canada needs today . . . in fact until Canada reaches Full Employment . . . Immigration should be ZERO. Question: If the globe is threatened by Global Warming . . . aka Klimate Change WHY are we moving Millions of people from temperate climates like the Middle East & Central America into Northern Climates where their Karbon Footprint increases by 1000s of %?   Ditto for all the “Alarmist” Class . . . who jet around the world, own many homes like Suzuki & Gore, become wealthy telling everyone else to do with less? Watch the video on… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau believes that he and his Liberal party can build a strong economy without longterm, well paying secure jobs. And, that those same jobs will produce the taxes to support the massively increasing number of jobless workers; that his far left Liberal policies created, in the first place.


It doesn’t matter what pplkind think of this post, but it is preety much the responsibility of the eastern electorate who has caused this. The eastern electorate elected him, the election was called BEFORE the polls closed in the west. The best thing that could happen is for this country to split up. The east has nothing in common with the west, especially Alberta.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau is extremely delusional. You can’t build a strong economy on a foundation of low wage part time jobs and never ending high levels of immigration. Canadians never voted for this Trudeau inspired insanity.

Ken Lane

Just finished reading a book describing how immigration was “weaponized” by California left wing strategists to change the voting outcomes. California was at one time staunchly Republican, but heavy immigration practices have altered the state’s population make-up considerably with the goal, now achieved, of turning it into a Democrat voting state. The intense effort is now focused on Texas to try and accomplish the same result.

David Henley

Democracy is not working in Canada. It hasn’t since the liberals took office. The other parties are just stepping stones for Trudeau. I would be laughable if it was not so tragic. There will never be another election in Canada. If you believe there will be your fools. Get use to being told what you can’t do. It is the life that greats you every morning. Camps being set up for all those that will try and do anything to stop Trudeau.

honest ABE

hey spencer, great article there. i hope you don’t mind, i shared it on my news aggregator site with link back to you.
God bless and keep up the great work!