Office Of The Information Commissioner Of Canada Rips Patty Hajdu

Hajdu’s comments were so arrogant that even bureaucratic arms of the government are distancing themselves from her.

After Patty Hajdu arrogantly stated that nobody cares about access to information, she is being slammed by people across the political spectrum (except for the corrupt Liberals of course).

Her comments were so arrogant, that even the official Twitter account of the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada ripped her comments.

Here’s what they said:

“The Commissioner is very disappointed by the statement on access by @pattyhadju. The Commissioner has sounded the alarm on the need for strong leadership in gov & an increase in ATIP resources to address significant issues within the system since the onset of the global pandemic.”

“2/4 Access is important: April 28 letter to @jyduclos “The government must make funds available to the system in order to cope with both the delays attributable to the pandemic itself and the impending surge. It is important to take action now.””

“3/4 Access is important: June 19 OGGO appearance “openness & transparency in government has never been more important than it is during this pandemic. The Government needs to commit to proper resources and innovative solutions””

“4/4. Access is important: July 10 statement “Change is needed now. Access officials must have the resources and tools they need to respond efficiently and effectively to access requests.””

While this is pretty tame as criticisms go, it is incredibly notable for a government oversight office to openly criticize a politician, particularly a minister.

It goes to show how corrupt the Liberals have become, and how much their anti-Canadian, anti-democratic agenda is angering the People.

Spencer Fernando

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