Trudeau Liberals Announce Record-High Immigration Targets

With many Canadians out of jobs, the Liberals plan to bring in over 1.2 million new people in the next 3 years, making the job situation even worse for Canadian Citizens.

The Trudeau Liberals have announced their immigration targets for the next three years.

And it’s the biggest increase of all time.

The Liberals plan to bring in over 1.2 million people in that time.

In 2021, the Liberals plan to bring in 401,000 new permanent residents.

In 2022, the Liberals plan to bring in 411,000 new permanent residents.

And in 2023, the Liberals plan to bring in 421,000 new permanent residents.

Keep in mind, that doesn’t even include refugee numbers and foreign students, meaning the real increases could even be much higher.

While some immigration can be important when there are huge labour shortages, these record-high levels will hurt Canadian Citizens.

That’s because, with so many people out of work, and with many jobs being insecure and low-paying, bringing in a bunch of new people will reduce the bargaining power of Canadian workers.

This may benefit big companies, but regular working-class Canadians will be put in a worse situation, adding on to the already negative job market facing so many Canadians.

Simply put, Canada needs to be reducing immigration, not increasing it. With a target approach bringing in something like 100,000 – 150,000 people, can could fill labour gaps, while not distorting the market against Canadian workers.

Also, with Canada becoming more divided, a lower rate of immigration will facilitate better integration and unity, rather than increasing tensions.

Unfortunately, Canadians are seeing that yet again the Trudeau Liberals put the interests of non-Citizens and big corporations ahead of the interests of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

The Liberals are simply importing their future voting base, thus ensuring Canada will be ever governed by the Liberals who soon will reveal themselves as the Communists they truly are……

Ron Shaw

Can we just deport the Trudeau family instead and get past this immigration stupidity . What possible good , can bringing in more immigration than Canada can handle . Taxpayers are now already on the hook for the covid free monies and liberal welfare plan Trudeau and his liberal enacted without our consent . Now introducing a flooded labor market is somehow going to help . It won’t be long before even a middle class job is reduced to welfare and cutthroat wages . And just where does government think taxs come from ? Not the , on welfare or… Read more »

Richard Schritt

You are 100% right, this guy will go down as our worst PM ever. Slime to the core.


Can they make this a non confidence vote, please? Not only will this hasten Canada’s demise, which anti Canadian lieberals are aiming for. This divided country had better divide and fast if we cannot get a government who likes Canada. Please all Provincial leaders is there something we can do to stop this, somehow as this then falls on the Provinces to pay for, lucky Quebec has its own immigration laws can we all do the same quickly? This is just one of the reasons I wanted Derek Sloan as the Conservative leader he had a good immigration policy too… Read more »


I think that Derrick Sloan was not allowed to win because he was a true conservative and not a controlled opposition

Eric Blair

And where are all these new immigrants going to live? Is there enough housing to accommodate all these people. Canadians are going to have to compete with these immigrants for lower paying jobs plus compete for housing. It is going to be lower wages and higher rents.


Stop all immigration before we all stave.Goverment has NO money.All taxpayer money belongs to the Canadian citizens of this country.

David Henley

What does treason look like? Your watching it happen now and no one has courage to say it. Then we will suffer for our lack of courage and the freedoms we once had are gone. Do nothing and it disappears in front of you