WATCH: Finance Minister Has Trouble Saying How Big The Debt Is

“I don’t blame her, it’s a painful number to pronounce,” says Pierre Poilievre in response.

During a recent exchange in the House of Commons, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland struggled mightily when asked about the debt by Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre.

Freeland first mixed up the debt and the deficit, and then struggled to read out the number.

In response, Pierre Poilievre joked that “the number is hard for anyone to say, in fairness.”

“The Finance Minister struggled to tell us how big the debt was.

I don’t blame her, it’s a painful number to pronounce.”

All jokes aside, it is certainly true that the rising debt is a big problem for our country.

That problem has been made worse by two facts:

  • First, interest rates have been low for a long-time, and when they rise, the cost of servicing the debt will increase dramatically.
  • Second, the policies being pushed by the Liberal government are anti-growth, and economic weakness will make it far less likely that we can ‘outgrow’ the debt.

So, it appears the Finance Minister is having as much trouble talking about the debt as the Liberals are having dealing with it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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To your average Liberal ? ” Math is hard !!! ”
That’s it – that’s all.

Guy-Paul Roy

My Grand Parents survived World War One.
My Parents survived World War Two.
I Survived Pierre Idiot Turd in the Punch Bowl.
My children will survive Justin The NEW Turd in the Punch Bowl. I Hope.


$1, 400,000,000,000 ( Estimated ). One trillion, four hundred billion dollars.

With a balanced budget ( Liberal dirty words ) and paying a billion dollars every year, it would take 1,400 years to pay this off. 56 generations. Admitted, a lot has been spent because Canadians needed support, but that support was needed because the Liberals didn’t close the borders. How many Canadians have lost their lives, their savings, jobs, businesses and homes because the Liberals are scared of offending the Communist Chinese and because they are terrified of the word “racist”?

Shawn Harris

The fact that Freeland likes to use deflection and obfuscation tactics, like her boss Trudeau and never answer a question, when asked, shows that the real debt level is far higher than anyone one could imagine.
Trudeau and Freeland both believe that Canada and Canadians are far better off because of the Liberals profligate wasteful spending and that more of the same will create a prosperous and united society.
This needless spending and borrowing has to stop or Canada will windup as the parliamentary budget office said, a destroyed economy with unsustainable levels of debts and deficits.


Once you understand that Freeland is the second Dumbest Person in Canada . . . our Crime Minister being the Dumbest . . . you understand where this NY Journalist is coming from.
Now in charge of the Ministry of Finance . . . what could go wrong Canada . . . lol

PS: It already has . . . we are well on the way to 3rd world status and most Canooks are too stupid to even notice !