Rather Than Shunning The Rebel, The Conservatives Should Reach Out To Media Across The Political Spectrum

The Conservative Party can’t keep playing the same game that hasn’t worked. Change things up!

The Conservative Party of Canada has once again entered into a familiar pattern:

“When they run for party leadership, many Conservatives embrace The Rebel and promise to shun CBC News. Then, when they get into power, they shun The Rebel, and embrace CBC News. At some point more and more people will wake up to the game being played.”


Many Conservative supporters will be watching this and feeling like things are repeating themselves.

Andrew Scheer had run for the party leadership promising a defense of free speech, and to cut CBC funding.

Yet, once he won the party leadership and faced pressure from the media, Scheer distanced himself and the entire party from The Rebel, while Conservative MPs continued to appear regularly on CBC News.

Now, we see something similar from O’Toole.

After communicating with The Rebel by email, and being criticized for it by other parts of the media, the Conservatives have once again distanced themselves from The Rebel.

What this means is that once again, we will regularly see Conservative MPs speaking with CBC News, while avoiding The Rebel.

In my opinion, this is a mistake.

Yes, The Rebel may have a controversial brand, but they are accredited, bring a perspective that often isn’t seen in much other media, and contribute to diversity of thought in Canada. Speaking to The Rebel doesn’t mean agreeing with everything the organization says, just as appearing on CBC doesn’t mean agreeing with everything said on CBC.

The Rebel is also part of the Independent Press Gallery, something the Conservatives have said they support.

Personally, I think the real answer here is to reach out to more voices in Canada, not fewer.

The Conservatives should say that they believe in reaching out to Canadians across the political spectrum, because they want to govern for all Canadians.

Instead of playing by the Liberals’ rules on who they can and can’t communicate with, the Conservatives should reach out to Independent Media – including Left-wing Independent Media – and speak with almost anyone willing to speak with them.

Yes, interviews with left-wing outlets may be hostile, but people will respect the willingness to be open in communication, and people would be able to see the Conservatives sharing their views in their own words, rather than being demonized without response.

The Rebel is a part of the Canadian media landscape, as are left-wing independent outlets, and the establishment media. To truly bring people together and represent Canadians, the Conservatives should be willing to listen and communicate with everyone, instead of shutting people down and shunning groups based on short-term political expediency.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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chris brown

He could have easily said that they are official members of the recognized, “Independent Press gallery”, and that a free Canadian Government does not discriminate on a left or right wing bias. He does the interview with Rebel…they put out the interview “word for word”…he has no complaints against them, but when confronted, he panics, and rather than strike a blow for free speech, he wimps out and bows to the ‘consensus’. What a “leader”. What a pickle we are in. Both major parties are near identical in policies and in mindset, and neither are worth voting for. Yet the… Read more »


The majority of conservative leadership is weak, feckless & are mostly liberal lite.


I have stopped donating to the Conservative Party. I decided that after the last election. Conservatives are now just Liberals, pretenders. They lost me when they threw out Bernier.




The Rebel has been doing Fabulous work in exposing the Liberal Government with letting Canadians know about Chinese soldiers being trained by our Military, the building of “Quarantine Hotels” in Manitoba and the Yukon, all kept secret from Canadians, has exposing the fact that 1/3 of our Military arrived in Canada from China at the start of the pandemic, and may have exposed Canadians to the Pandemic. Trudeau kept this secret from Canadians. The Rebel has exposed many instances when Trudeau has been lying and silent on issues that Canadians should know. The Rebel has been hiring and paying for… Read more »


The Conservatives are fools if they do not take you advice. We need a leaders in any political party that have convictions that will be spoken to any news media outlet. The Leaders need to be able to stand strong and speak freely about their agendas to whom ever asks and be capable and willing to defend their positions.

Patrick Mothersill

And O’Toole will wonder why he lost the election. I hate the Liberals, and the Conservatives are also pissing me off. I no longer want to vote for either one of them.

John Cox

I’ll never vote Conservative again, and I’ve voted for them since1979. If possible I’ll be voting for either the Maverick Party or the PPC. Or I will write in None of the Above

Mark Gallicano

the rebel shares the same traits as the woke left and many others that are in the position to set a narrative . Hypocrisy

very old white guy

Conservatives should embrace the Rebel and help make it possible for it to become a prominent conservative voice across Canada. There is nothing controversial about being a conservative voice, of course being a true conservative is difficult in a socialist country such as Canada.

Allan Wood

I am today a small financial supporter of the Rebel, True North, and Spencer Fernando. I also contributed in the past to conservative leader candidate Leslyn Lewis(contest for leadership) and Andrew Sheer (in support of the last election). But this Eric O’Toole has no backbone or courage to really stand up against the socialist/communist agenda of both the liberals and new democrats. It seems the only one who really has the real “energy and whit” to stand up for true Canadian values is Pierre Poilievre. Give him the leadership and the conservatives will have my minimal financial support. As it… Read more »