BREAKING: Derek Sloan Expelled From CPC Caucus

Sloan will sit as an Independent.

Derek Sloan has been expelled from the Conservative Party Caucus, after a majority of MPs voted to remove him.

The vote comes after Conservative leader Erin O’Toole rapidly switched from promoting himself as Sloan’s top defender to the one trying to throw Sloan out of the party on an obvious set-up job.

Sloan says he will sit as an independent, and is encouraging his supporters to remain involved in the party:


Spencer Fernando

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Those with hidden agendas fear independendent thinkers and those with ethics that are strong & not afraid to stand their ground. Kudos to Derek Sloan.

Susie Lawrence

There is always 2 sides to every story. Sloan has been a difficult and problematic case for the CPC Caucus for a year. It just happened it was the last straw with the incident with the donation. I am sure every working place a person that is like that. I’m sorry, the fact that the CPC is trashed, say it has turned Liberal and working for Trudeau throughout the internet makes me gag. I see a lot of hate towards O’Toole. It has gotten worse by day. They say he is a terrible leader, a liberal and a globalist, that… Read more »