Moderna Expected To Cut Vaccine Deliveries To Canada By 20-25% In February

Government claims Canada will still receive full shipment at later date.

Canada’s already-beleagured vaccine procurement effort is being hit with more problems.

Moderna, the maker of the only other vaccine currently approved in Canada along with the Pfizer shot, is cutting deliveries to Canada in February.

Instead of shipping 230,400 shots next week, Moderna will ship 180,000.

Further shipments of 249,000 expected in four weeks time will also likely be cut.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed there were “certain concerns around the manufacturing process” leading to the delay.

Trudeau also said the following:

“We will always share the most accurate information we have, but in the short-term those numbers can fluctuate. But as global production continues to pick up, there will be more stability in the system. This temporary delay doesn’t change the fact that we will still receive two million doses of the Moderna vaccine before the end of March, as we’ve been saying for months. We know that this is something that we’re going to have to keep watching very, very closely.”

The Trudeau government is under increasing pressure, facing mounting criticism for initially seeking to partner with Communist China, despite the fact that the Wuhan Virus initially spread due to the Chinese Communist Party suppressing information.

That ‘partnership’ wasted valuable time, as China had no intention of working with Canada, and possible homegrown Canadian vaccine candidates didn’t receive support from the government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube