Liberals Appear To Be Targeting ‘Dissent’ With New Social Media Laws

As expected, the government will claim they are ‘protecting Canadians,’ while actually seeking to protect government from the criticism that is necessary in a free society.

According to a concerning new report from Blacklock’s, the Liberal government appears to be targeting ‘dissent’ with their new social media laws.

It appears that the Liberal government wants to target speech that is “chipping away at credibility of our government institutions.”

“TESTIMONY: @CdnHeritageMinister @S_Guilbeault & MP @JulieDabrusin muse #Facebook law should target political dissent “chipping away at credibility of our gov’t institutions”. #cdnpoli”

So much for ‘fighting hate.’

This is highly disturbing.

In a free society, it is the job of the government to maintain their own credibility, and if they lose that credibility it is because people have freely chosen to turn against those in power.

Citizens are supposed to be free to express ourselves and criticize the government.

Now, it appears the Liberals are trying to completely overturn things, using government power to control what people can say in order to ‘protect’ the government from people disagreeing with them.

As you can imagine, this moves Canada into a more authoritarian sphere, and is completely incompatible with free expression and democracy.

How long until the government tries to silence your voice for ‘daring’ to disagree with them?

There is now zero doubt: Our rights and freedoms are facing a sustained assault from the entrenched government elites.

You can read the full Blacklock’s Reporter story here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Guy-Paul Roy

It is all true. Chipping away at the Governor Generals TAX PAID Office , EX-Finance Minister, SOON to be gone INNOVATION Minister and even the Unethical Corrupt Prime Minister. This is all that the Tax the Taxed Tax Payers have no business commenting on. Maybe we should get rid of the Opposition and the Fake Media?

Al Rose

I for one know who and what the left are ,I just hope Canadians have been watching the Liberals closely enough that the censorship is a little late and their minds are made up , mine is


The biggest obstacle to this is that, as much as member of the Librano cabinet think they are big fish, they are nobodies on the world stage, and Canada itself has really no economic, or political clout either. Almost all of the social media companies out there are extrajusrisdictional, they are either based in the U.S or elsewhere. Sure, they could cook up a star chamber type body to assess fines against Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but those same companies could just turn around and punish Trudeau, and his cronies, banning them from the sites. As has been said before,… Read more »