WATCH: Garneau Refuses To Mention China’s Use Of Arbitrary Detention, Even As China Slams Declaration As ‘Attack’

His unwillingness to acknowledge reality comes as the government signed countries on to a condemnation of arbitrary detention that doesn’t mention China.

Which country is currently holding two Canadian Citizens in arbitrary detention?

Which country has been repeatedly criticized by Canada’s allies for that arbitrary detention?

Is it Djibouti?

Is it Togo?







None of those countries.

It’s China, and you knew that already.

But apparently, the Liberal government is too afraid to say so.

They got 57 countries to sign up to a declaration condemning arbitrary detention.

So far so good, surely the document must have mentioned the country that everyone knows is the issue here, right?


It doesn’t mention China.

And that wasn’t some oversight.

Liberal minister Marc Garneau made clear that the wouldn’t ‘single out’ any nation.

Making this almost hilarious (if wasn’t disturbing and depressing), is that China didn’t care that they weren’t mentioned. They went ballistic (not literally thankfully), and slammed Canada:

In the CCP mouthpiece Global Times, China called the declaration an “ill-considered attack designed to provoke China,” adding “As such, China will not be scared and make compromises, Canada’s chosen diplomatic approach has never worked before, and will not achieve any goal in the future, and this very act of Canada will just ‘rebound in the worst possible way,’ (experts) say.”

As I said on Twitter, the government managed to anger China without showing any courage:

“The only thing worse than not condemning China’s actions is to try and do so without actually mentioning China. Somehow, the government managed to further enrage China without showing any backbone, a ‘unique’ combination of incompetence and lack of courage.”

Here are some clips of Garneau desperately trying to avoid mentioning China:

“58 Countries joined Canada to denounce the practice of arbitrary detention … but the declaration does not mention China. Or victims Micheal Spavor and Micheal Kovrig.

In fact minister @MarcGarneau strenuously avoided any mention of China or the two Michaels #cdnpoli

“Canada got 57 other countries to sign on to a declaration denouncing state-sponsored arbitrary detention but it doesn’t call out China. I asked Garneau what this will do for the Michaels, if China isn’t singled out His response “It’s one of those things where, we will see.””

I really don’t have much to add, the videos speak for themselves. You can see the lack of backbone and lack of resolve, which is so emblematic of the weakness of our federal government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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