Trudeau Backs Sajjan, Because Otherwise He Would Have To Acknowledge They Should Both Be Forced To Resign

It’s pretty obvious that a combination of a cover-up and rank incompetence is at work here, and if our system had any true accountability both Sajjan and Trudeau would be out of a job.

With Harjit Sajjan facing immense criticism over what increasingly appears to be an attempt to cover-up allegations of sexual harassment against former Chief of Defence Staff Jonathan Vance, Trudeau has backed Sajjan.

According to testimony from Gary Walbourne, Canada’s former Military Ombudsman, he went to Sajjan with the allegations against Vance, and Sajjan didn’t look at the evidence.

That was three years ago.

No action was taken, aside from notifying the Privy Council Office, which led to nothing further happening. The allegation was only made public recently, a long-time after it was brought to Sajjan’s attention.

Retired Master Corporal Stephanie Raymond has called on Sajjan to resign or be removed from his post due to the handling of the allegations.

In response to all of this, Trudeau disgracefully blamed the Ombudsmen:

“The ombudsperson did not provide sufficient information to the officials in place to be able to follow up on these allegations,” said Trudeau.

Today, Trudeau said he still has confidence in Singh, a sign that Trudeau will be keeping Singh in his post.

Why would he do this?

Because otherwise he would have to acknowledge that both of them should be forced to resign.

As I recently reported, it turns out the PMO was alerted about concerns regarding Vance way back in 2018, yet Trudeau has claimed he only learned the allegations in recent news reports.

This increasingly looks like a cover-up, one that either involves Trudeau, or took place due to Trudeau’s incompetence and lack of command over the government he leads.

If Trudeau were to boot out Sajjan for having heard of allegations and taking no action, then Trudeau would be asked why he took no action despite the PMO being warned three years ago.

So, Trudeau has instead decided to pretend all is well, and pin the blame on the Ombudsmen.

By doing so, Trudeau repeats a pattern we have seen consistently during his time in office:

Those with a strong sense of ethics are punished, and those who serve Trudeau’s interests are rewarded.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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