Trudeau Says He Learned About Vance Allegation From “Global News Reporting,” Yet The PMO Was Alerted About Concerns Back In 2018

The PM either doesn’t know what is happening in his own government, or is being dishonest. Which one is worse?

As noted by Canuck Noir on Twitter, here’s what Justin Trudeau said about the allegations against former Chief of Defense Staff Jonathan Vance:


And yet, the Globe & Mail is reporting that the top member of Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan’s staff told a “senior adviser inside the Prime Minister’s office three years ago” that Sajjan was “troubled” by what he was hearing about Vance.

Interestingly, Sajjan claimed two weeks ago that he was ‘shocked’ by the allegations of sexual misconduct against Vance.


So a top Sajjan official shared his concerns three years ago with the PMO, but Sajjan was ‘shocked’ two weeks ago to learn about this?

And Trudeau learned about it in the news despite his own PMO being told three years ago?


Now, stay with me here, but it almost seems as if the Trudeau government isn’t quite being honest about all of this.

It sounds as if the government knew about this for a long time, yet decided to cover it up.

This leaves two options, either Justin Trudeau knew about this and participated in a cover-up, or he didn’t know what was happening in his own government and in his own PMO.

It’s either dishonesty, or incompetence, both of which we have seen in large quantities from this government over their time in office.

This is bad news for Sajjan particularly, since the Liberals have shown that Trudeau will be protected from any scandal, thus leaving Sajjan as the highest-level official likely to face political consequences.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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