WATCH: Tone-Deaf Trudeau Mocks “Many Canadians Who Have Lost Their Jobs” In Attempt To Score Political Points

Trudeau probably thought he was being funny. Instead he showed disrespect to the many Canadians who have suffered financially during government-imposed restrictions.

During Question Period, Conservative jobs & industry critic Pierre Poilievre questioned Justin Trudeau on why the government isn’t acknowledging that they’ve spent so much money for such poor results.

In response, rather than showing any humility or respect for the situation, Trudeau instead tried to make a joke.

He compared Poilievre – who was moved from finance critic to jobs & industry critic in what many saw as a demotion – to “the many Canadians who have lost their jobs.”

“In a response a question about Canada’s lacklustre vaccine rollout, historical jobless rate and misery index rating, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a jab at CPC MP @PierrePoilievre for losing his finance critic role.”

Trudeau’s ignorance here is immense.

First of all, politicians – even when being demoted – are far better off than most people because their base-level pay is guaranteed.

Second, the fact that Trudeau saw Poilievre’s question as a chance to make a joke about Canadians losing their jobs is quite an insult to Canadians who are truly struggling, many of whom are struggling because of government restrictions.

Trudeau often does a good job play acting at empathy, but that seems to happen most when he has a script.

In unscripted moments, (like when he said ‘thanks for your donation’ to people protesting mercury poisoning in an Indigenous community), Trudeau often shows a high level of arrogance and a lack of empathy.

Clearly, the real Trudeau lacks the ability to truly relate to the struggles of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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