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With government power expanding and rising pressure to go along with partisan group-think, Canada needs independent voices now more than ever.

We are facing an expansion of government power that hasn’t been seen in decades.

Governments have chosen which businesses stay open and which ones close, which workers are deemed ‘essential’ or not, all while politicians keep their own guaranteed salaries and even give themselves raises.

We have watched our elected officials and government authorities constantly change their advice, often without acknowledging the changes, and without much of the media pointing out the hypocrisy and contradiction that is right in front of our faces.

And we have seen the pressure of partisan group-think expand, with parties demanding conformity and obedience from their members, and expecting people to pretend we don’t see the constant stream of lies.

That’s why, at this moment more than ever, Canada needs independent voices.

That is what I strive to be, calling it like I see it even when it’s not popular.

I think we must hold all parties and all politicians accountable, because we need politicians of all stripes to be aware that they can’t get away with lying to our faces.

And, in this era of expanding government power, we need to get back to the era of true adversarial journalism, a time when the media felt it had a true responsibility to hold governments and politicians accountable, and make the case for individual freedom and limited state power.

If you agree that those things are important to fight for in Canada, I ask for you to support my writing.

I will never take a government bailout, and I will never be beholden to a political party. My support comes from people like you who value true independence.


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