An Increasingly ‘Post-National’ Canada Becomes A Battleground For All The World’s Conflicts

If a nation fails to imbue Citizens with a strong identity, then old identities will rise and dominate instead, creating a divided and tribalized society.

One of the biggest mistakes of people like Justin Trudeau and much of Canada’s political class is to assume that human psychology and human nature has somehow dramatically changed.

The ‘woke’ left acts as if human nature can be reshaped with ease, and rearranged at their leisure.

In Trudeau’s case, he believes that Canada can become a ‘Post-National-State,’ where people move beyond the idea of national identity.

What replaces that identity of course is never mentioned, and is left blank.

This leaves a vacuum, and it’s a vacuum that will inevitably be filled.

The problem is that choosing to erase the ‘Canadian’ national identity simply means that other national identities will rise.

It’s no coincidence that Quebec has become far more assertive in pushing their unique identity, because they recognize the danger and the opportunity of Trudeau’s post-national experiment.

If Canada’s identity is being wiped out and subsumed, Quebec’s identity will be subsumed as well, unless people there push back strongly – which is exactly what they are doing.

Meanwhile, in the rest of Canada, many are meekly going along with Trudeau’s post-national agenda.

Convinced – or cowed into pretending to be convinced – that any assertion of Canadian national identity and Patriotism is somehow ‘bigoted’ and ‘racist,’ (note how ‘nationalism’ is a word that is widely used in Quebec yet is demonized elsewhere in the nation), many have simply given up on asserting unifying Canadian values or principles.

Even talking about the fact that Canada was founded upon the ideas of Western Civilization – including individual rights & freedom of expression – is something many – if not most – of our politicians and ‘leaders’ are afraid to do.

Post-nationalism and high levels of immigration

Now, if Canada was downplaying a unifying national identity while having low immigration levels, there would be less of an issue.

Slowly, over time, people would form a strong national identity regardless of what the government and media were doing.

But, what we see today is the combination of post-nationalism and wide-scale immigration from around the world, including many parts of the world that are very different from Canada.

What this means is that Canada will increasingly become a tribalistic and divided nation, less of a country and more of a big international hotel.

Note again what I said earlier:

Human nature hasn’t changed.

People will always seek an identity, and if they can’t find it in the country they currently live in, then their identity will be based solely on the country they came from.

Of course, having a connection to the country of your birth after moving from there isn’t the issue. That is completely natural.

But when a country is able to build a strong national identity that is embraced by newcomers, people achieve some measure of distance from the specific conflicts of their homeland.

It’s the difference between someone seeing themselves as a Canadian who was born elsewhere, or someone born elsewhere who happens to live in Canada.

As you can see, much of this country seems to see itself as people born elsewhere who just happen to live in Canada.

Serious consequences

What this ends up meaning is that every conflict, in every part of the world, ends up being a conflict in Canada as well.

People bring their old tribal loyalties and disputes, and rather than setting things aside and uniting as ‘Canadians,’ those conflicts are fought over within Canadian territory.

Consider the many people who protested carrying Palestinian flags, gathering in large numbers and repeating the same things – often verbatim – that protestors in the Palestinian territories say.

Now, people of course have the right to protest with their message.

But this went beyond an expression of a point of view.

It descended into violence, meaning the level of rage and anger within Canada among ‘Canadians’ reached the same level as it did in the Palestinian territories, an example of how people are thinking far more with a ‘Palestinian identity’ rather than focusing on Canada.

In the videos below, you can see that violence has been brought to Canada:

“Pro Palestine protestors beat an elderly Jewish man in Canada. They also sexually assaulted a Jewish girl (whom I just spoke with). This is not normal.”

“More footage. The man had to go get treated at the hospital. Will update as I get more information.”

“Report from the girl I spoke with “they threw rocks, water bottles and glass bottles at us. The police were escorting us to the parking lot where our car was. At the parking lot I saw an elderly Jewish guy getting jumped. They pulled his hair and as he turned around they jumped”

“They beat him with sticks. Then I yelled at them and one of them kicked me while another grabbed my breasts and made kissy noises. Then he ran off””

And consider the video below. Does this look like Canada?

Lower immigration levels & assert Canada’s national identity

So, what is the fix for all of this?

This post-national attitude has been building up for some time, Trudeau was only the first to really say it out loud and then push it even further.

That means moving things in the right direction will take time as well.

An important first step would be to lower immigration levels, at least down to somewhere like what the number were under the Harper government, or perhaps lower.

Then, the Citizenship process must have a stronger emphasis on Canadian values, and the importance of Western Civilization.

Furthermore, our education system must instill a stronger sense of Patriotism and respect for Canada’s history in young people, rather than the guilt-ridden approach that only seems to demonize Canada’s history and acts as if Canadian values don’t even exist.

The fact is, Canada will either have a unifying Canadian identity, or we will be nothing more than a landmass featuring a bunch of divided tribalistic groups that are enflamed every time something happens anywhere in the world.

Which version of Canada do you want to live in?

Spencer Fernando

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