By Returning To Normal, Alberta Gets It 100% Right

Acknowledging that ‘zero-covid’ is an absurd idea, Kenney and the Alberta government are setting an example that other governments should follow.

During this past year and a half, we have been subjected to gaslighting on an unprecedented scale.

The goalposts shifted again and again and again, and when we pointed out the goalposts were shifting we were called ‘conspiracy-theorists,’ and many were even banned from social media for saying things that are now considered common-sense.

Consider how the narrative has gone:

“The virus is low risk.”

“Border controls are racist.”

“The virus will be easily contained.”

“Border controls will save lives.”

“Two weeks to slow the spread.”

“Herd immunity means a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated people in the population, plus those who have recovered from COVID.”

“We’re all in this together” (while politicians kept getting their full taxpayer-funded salaries while businesses were shut down).

“We will protect the most vulnerable” (while locking down everyone even as COVID surged through seniors care homes).

“Children are at very low risk.”

“We’re following the science” (while ignoring the importance of physical fitness and activity).

“Herd immunity now means everyone has to be vaccinated.”

“Opposing border controls makes you a conspiracy theorist who is getting people killed.”

“Everyone must quarantine at quarantine hotels.”

“Except for people entering the country illegally.”


“Except for this BLM protest, because apparently racism is a public health issue that is just as serious as the virus.”

“If you protest against lockdowns you are a racist.”

“If  you criticize politically-correct protests during the lockdown you are a racist.”

“Take the first vaccine you are offered.”

“Actually, wait a minute on that one.”

“No, actually take the first one you are offered.”

“No, wait a second, uhhh, maybe take this one instead.”

“If you raise concerns about anything related to a vaccine, you are an anti-vax conspiracy theorist.”

“The government is raising concerns about some vaccines, and encouraging you to take others preferentially. If you notice this or criticize this, you are a conspiracy theorist.”

“Vaccines are all about getting life back to normal and ending lockdowns.”

“But if you get vaccinated and others don’t, lockdowns may continue.”

“There is ZERO CHANCE the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, China, and if you say otherwise you are supporting Donald Trump’s racist and false narrative and should be banned from social media.”

“Actually, now that mainstream media is talking about the possibility that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, China, it’s totally okay to talk about that now. No problem!”

“Criticizing Theresa Tam and other health officials is only something racists and conspiracy theorists do.”

“Actually, now that the mainstream media is sometimes criticizing Theresa Tam and other health officials, it’s totally okay to talk about that now. No problem!”

“Only conspiracy theorists would say that the government will keep making more and more demands in return for your normal life and freedom.”

“You may need a booster shot to get your freedom back.”

“You may need to wait for nearly everyone in your community to be vaccinated before you get your freedom back.”

“We’ve never shifted the goalposts.”

“Shifting the goalposts is about adapting to a changing situation and following the science. Say otherwise, and you are a conspiracy theorist.”

“Everything we’ve done is about going back to normal.”

“This is a new normal, we can’t go back to the way things were.”

“We would NEVER exploit this crisis!”

“This crisis is an OPPORTUNITY!”

“Perhaps we can do climate lockdowns.”

“Notice any of this and you are a far-right conspiracy theorist.”

Alberta shifts back to normal

Considering all of the above, and it really is stunning how much our politicians – and much of the public – now seemingly fear going back to normal, despite going back to normal being the supposed entire point of everything we’ve been going through over the past year and a half.

So, to see the Alberta government shifting towards a recognition that it’s time to return to normal life, and to accept that ‘Zero-Covid’ is an absurdity, is a very positive step and is worthy of praise.

As noted in reports, Alberta has announced the removal of nearly all pandemic-related measures:

“On Aug. 16, people who test positive for COVID-19 will not be mandated to quarantine anymore, but the province will recommend it. Albertans with COVID-19 symptoms will not be asked to get tested, but to stay at home until they feel better. And two weeks later, COVID-19 tests will only be available to people who need to go to the hospital or see a physician.

Masks won’t be mandatory in public transit, rideshares and taxies starting on Aug. 16, the province announced. Some masking may still be required in hospitals or continuing care facilities.”

Alberta is doing this as rising vaccination rates lead to fewer serious COVID infections, and fewer serious illness and death even among those infected.

In effect, they are simply doing what they told people they would do, return things to normal as vaccination rates went up.

Now, as I’ve said many times, the fact that government had the authority to put so many draconian restrictions in place is itself a huge problem, and by that standard, Alberta isn’t doing anything special at all.

But, it’s the contrast between Alberta and many other governments that makes this notable, and Jason Kenney, Tyler Shandro, and the Alberta government deserve credit for being one of the few governments to actually keep their word – even if it’s way later than it should have been.

Stunningly, or perhaps not given how crazy things have become, people gathered to protest the lifting or restrictions.

And yes, we’re probably thinking the same thing: “Gathering together in one place to protest the lifting of restrictions, certainly sounds a bit hypocritical.”

Some people are so locked in to a fear-based narrative that they are using their freedom to protest in order to advocate against the lifting of restrictions on freedom.


The fact is, we are increasingly seeing a huge split between the “get back to normal,” and “zero-covid” groups.

Many of us simply want to get back to a situation in which all the restrictions and mandates are lifted, and we move on with life fully aware that COVID will stay around to some extent.

However, others seem to really believe that nothing should return to normal until there is not a single case of COVID anywhere, which is of course an impossibility.

Even if that impossible situation happened, the ‘zero-covid’ crowd would likely find some new reason to demand perpetual lockdowns and restrictions.

That’s why it is important to give some credit to the Alberta government, and encourage other governments and other politicians to follow their lead.

The elites want Alberta to fail, and that’s why we should want Alberta to succeed as they go back to normal.

I’ve certainly criticized Jason Kenney in the past, and I feel those criticisms were justified. But in this instance, Kenney is showing some leadership and some political courage, at a level above what most other ‘leaders’ are doing.

Those of us who oppose the ‘zero-covid’ craziness, and who support a return to normal should speak up in favour of what Alberta is doing, and push all governments to do the same.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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