Increasingly Divisive & Dangerous Trudeau Must Be Defeated

Canadians across the political spectrum need to research the past electoral history in their ridings, and ensure Liberal candidates lose at the polls.

Let there be no confusion at this point.

Justin Trudeau will go more and more authoritarian if he thinks it will help him win the election.

He will stop at nothing, regardless of the consequences.

A politician who once campaigned on ‘Sunny Ways,’ and who denounced the use of fear as a political tool, has now become the biggest fearmonger of them all.

When the campaign began, Trudeau talked about bringing in vaccine passports and making vaccines mandatory in the public service.

In a recent column, I discussed how this was a reversal of his previously held position:

“The shameless willingness to say literally anything, and to take every position on every issue – regardless of the damage it does to the country and the division it generates – is politically powerful, but incredibly destructive.

When it comes to mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports, not only is Trudeau using the freedoms of Canadians as a political tool to benefit himself, but he is also completely contradicting his own words:

“Trudeau in May: We’re not a country that makes vaccinations mandatory.”

Of course, now that an election is on and Trudeau sees an opportunity to create a wedge issue, that position has changed:

“Justin Trudeau says unless a Canadian is vaccinated or has a medical exception they will not be able to board a plane or train in Canada. There will be no rapid test accommodation.”

To really get a sense of how desperate Trudeau is to politicize the issue and divide Canadians, remember that a few days ago – after he claimed all federal workers would be mandated to get the vaccine – the public service put out a statement claiming that workers who didn’t get the vaccine would be given alternatives – such as daily rapid testing, meaning the actual government policy was similar to what Erin O’Toole had proposed.

Yet, that wasn’t enough for Trudeau, and since he doesn’t give a sh*t about your rights or freedoms, the government took that info down, and they are now pushing the idea that people could be fired if they don’t get vaccinated.”

Purposely making unity impossible

It’s very important to point out exactly what Trudeau is doing here.

He is making unity on the issue of vaccinations impossible.

Had he stuck to his original position, or had he even accepted what the public service was saying about accommodations for those who chose not to get vaccinated, his position, and Erin O’Toole’s position would have been quite similar, and it would have gone a long way towards not politicizing the issue of vaccines, and ensuring the country isn’t as divided.

A real leader would have jumped at the chance to help foster more unity.

But instead, as we saw in his recent remarks, Justin Trudeau is doubling-down on divisiveness, and reaching a disturbing new low:

“If you don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s your choice. But don’t think you can get on a plane or a train beside vaccinated people and put them at risk!”

Highly disturbing behaviour

There is something beyond the usual political hypocrisy going on here.

As you saw in the clip earlier in the article, Justin Trudeau had quite passionately stated that Canada isn’t a country that mandates vaccines.

Then, in the most recent clip above, you saw Trudeau very aggressively, and very emotionally demonize those who have not been vaccinated, and made it clear that Canada will mandate vaccines.

If someone says two completely contradictory things in a very short period of time, and can muster up significant emotion in both instances, you’re dealing with someone exhibiting highly disturbing behaviour.

Trudeau is also doing significant damage to Canada’s vaccination campaign.

He could reassure people by pointing out how vaccinated individuals who get Covid experience fewer negative outcomes.

He could talk about how deaths have declined dramatically from their peak in Canada.

In short, he could be building confidence.

Instead, he is spreading fear, and he may very well undermine many people’s confidence in everything.

But he doesn’t care.

He doesn’t care about demonizing Canadian Citizens.

He doesn’t care about turning people against each other.

He doesn’t care that he’s dividing the nation.

All he cares about is holding on to power, and he will say literally anything to do so.

Remember this from before the 2015 election? This is when Trudeau thought promoting Liberty was his path to power:

Now, Trudeau is the exact opposite.

To get a sense of how absolutely messed up this is, consider that Trudeau and many of Canada’s ‘leaders’ went out of their way to ensure that Canadians wouldn’t direct our justified anger at China, yet we now see Trudeau seeking to make Canadians fearful and enraged, and then turn that rage on individuals who make different health choices:

“Never forget: Politicians like Justin Trudeau did everything possible to make sure Canadians didn’t direct justified anger towards China, yet now want you to direct your rage towards your fellow Citizens. Disgusting.”

Vote for whoever can defeat the Liberals

Trudeau’s actions go beyond normal partisanship and political disagreement.

I think many of Jagmeet Singh’s views are naive, and he is far too willing to use government power. Yet, he doesn’t give off the same disturbing and quite frankly creepy power-desperate vibe as Trudeau. With Singh, you sense at least that you are dealing with a person of goodwill at some basic level.

Not so with Trudeau.

I’m also not a big fan of Erin O’Toole, yet – whether because he believes it or whether his base has pressured him into it – he has taken at least a more pro-freedom stance than Trudeau, even as it falls far short. He also exhibits the usual dishonesty we sadly expect from politicians, yet – like Singh – doesn’t give off the same power-desperate impression as Trudeau.

At this point, there is clearly something so dramatically off with Justin Trudeau that Canadians need to really think about how Liberal candidates can be defeated.

This will mean lots of research at the riding level, and perhaps some unorthodox votes.

Job number one is to ensure Trudeau doesn’t get a majority.

Job number two would be for the Liberals to lose so many seats that Trudeau’s future as a federal leader becomes untenable.

That’s why I encourage you to look into the history of your riding, to really study who has the best chance of defeating Trudeau, and then vote for that person.

In a riding where only the CPC can defeat the Liberal candidate, I would recommend voting CPC.

But if you are in a riding where the CPC has literally zero chance, and if the NDP made it close last time, and NDP MP would be better than a Liberal MP, because at least that NDP MP wouldn’t be part of Trudeau’s disturbing personality cult.

Also, if you are in a riding – particularly in Western Canada – where the CPC is unbeatable and dominates easily, a vote for the PPC or Maverick Party could send a clear message that the CPC can’t take conservative Canadians for granted.

It would be good to see Jonas J. Smith elected in The Yukon.

And in Beauce, I think it would be good for Maxime Bernier to get back into Parliament, because he – more so than most federal politicians – has shown a willingness to stick by many of his beliefs, even when it would have been much easier to just give in.

At the end of the day, no matter what we may feel about the various options available in this campaign, the overriding goal for Canadians must be to ensure that Justin Trudeau is no longer in power after this election concludes, and by studying the electoral history of our ridings, and voting strategically, we can ensure his defeat.


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Spencer Fernando

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