Trudeau’s Dangerous & Dictatorial Rhetoric Is An Appeal To The Worst Aspects Of Human Nature

All societies have the potential to fall into a dangerous pattern of seeking scapegoats and directing hate towards those who the government targets. Canadians should not think we are immune to that.

By now, you’ve likely seen this incredibly disturbing clip of Justin Trudeau demonizing unvaccinated Canadians.

But in case you haven’t, or for a refresher, here it is:

Here we have all the components of the kind of rhetoric that proved so destructive in the 20th century:

Demonizing a targeted group.

Pinning blame on that group. 

Directing anger away from the government and onto the targeted group.

Dividing ‘those people’ from the rest of the population.

‘Hinting’ that ‘those people’ don’t need to be tolerated, implying they can be ‘dealt with’ in some way.

It’s the kind of rhetoric that the leaders of both fascist Germany and the communist Soviet Union indulged in on a regular basis, both with horrific consequences.

In fact, both fascist Germany and the Soviet Union can be thought of as ‘Scapegoat States,’ in that their defining ideological principle was built around blaming specific groups for all the problems of society, and promising that everything would be better if those groups were dealt with by the majority of the populace.

And, given Justin Trudeau’s past praise of Communist China (a nation currently throwing minorities into concentration camps), and given Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s affinity for Communist Dictators – an affinity he clearly passed on to his son – it should be no surprise that Justin Trudeau is indulging in that kind of rhetoric.

During a recent appearance on Good Mornings with Dahlia Kurtz, I discussed how Trudeau doesn’t care about the severe damage his rhetoric could do to Canada, and is only concerned about his own political power, which you can listen to below:

An agenda of demonization

Justin Trudeau’s rhetoric is not only deeply divisive and dangerous, but is also astoundingly hypocritical.

The Liberal government has been pushing for more restrictions on free speech and more government control over the internet, ostensibly to fight against ‘hate speech’.

Yet, Justin Trudeau is spreading hateful rhetoric about millions of Canadians with impunity.

The more the socialist healthcare system fails, and the more our leaders at all levels are revealed to be incompetent, the more politicians like Justin Trudeau try to direct hate and anger towards unvaccinated people.

Mandatory vaccinations?

Last year, Justin Trudeau was against mandatory vaccinations:

Now, the Liberal government is clearly moving in that direction:

“Federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said that he believes provinces are likely to discuss and possibly introduce mandatory vaccination policies in the coming months.”

Obviously, this isn’t his ‘personal opinion.’

He wouldn’t be out there talking about his ‘personal opinion’ if the Liberals and Justin Trudeau weren’t pushing for this.

Note how this is all based on fear-mongering and control.

The fact that Omicron is milder is completely ignored by those in power.

Yet again, we see the ‘boil-the-frog-strategy’ being utilized:

Get people to accept ever more infringements on freedom, until their freedoms are completely gone.

We are now watching this country having – in the space of about 2 years – moved from “15 days to slow the spread” to mandating that people get injections in order to have any semblance of ‘freedom.’

We must be able to see how dangerous all of this is, and we must reject it.

What can we do about it?

The most important thing we can do is make our voices heard and put pressure on our elected officials.

In recent days, even the moribund and vacillating Conservative Party of Canada under Erin O’Toole has moved in a slightly more ‘pro-freedom’ direction, and this is a direct result of the pressure they’ve been getting on social media from people like us demanding that they take a stand.

While they are still far too weak at this point, their relative shift in position demonstrates that shreds of our democracy still function, and pressure can still be brought upon public officials through communicating our views, and that pressure can cause them to change their positions.

“After spending half his adult life habitually dressing up in grotesque racist costumes, Trudeau calls people he doesn’t even know “racist” and intolerant. Then he asks: “should we tolerate those people?”

Is he deliberately trying to foment division for political advantage?”

In a special piece in the National Post, Erin O’Toole called for an end to lockdowns and restrictions on freedom:

“Canada’s Conservatives want to see an end to lockdowns, restrictions to your liberty and the ongoing impact on the mental wellness of our society. This is why I have been calling for federal leadership on PPE, rapid testing, more health-care resources and mental health supports for well over a year. Canadians deserve a federal government that actually delivers and can give the provinces, communities, schools and workplaces the tools they need to manage COVID-19. Conservatives will ensure that Canada that is self-sufficient, prepared and on the path back to a balanced life.”

While Erin O’Toole is certainly wishy-washy and has demonstrated he can’t be trusted, the fact that he sees a political advantage in taking a tougher pro-liberty stance demonstrates the advocacy of people like us, and the strength of our voices does matter, and does help influence politicians.

We are in the fight of our lives when it comes to freedom in this country, and with authoritarians seeking to expand and entrench their power, it is essential that we make ourselves heard.

The pro-lockdown anti-freedom zealots are loud and active, and those of us who stand for freedom, individual rights, and liberty need to be even louder and even more active.

That’s why I encourage you to contact your MP – and all MPs – and respectfully but strongly make your voice heard in opposition to mandatory vaccinations, and contact your provincial governments and political parties with the same message.

The more ways you contact them, including by email, by phone, and mail, the more they will see the strength and power of those in this country who still have the courage to stand up for our rights.


Spencer Fernando

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