Patrick Brown’s Desperate Campaign Against Poilievre Makes The Gutter Look Pristine

New depths.

There are two ways someone can respond when they feel like they are losing a political campaign.

They can remain relatively respectful, continue to draw contrasts with their opponents, and recognize that politics is full of second and even third chances.

Or, they can become completely unhinged and launch the most disgraceful attacks possible without regard to the immense damage they are causing.

It seems clear that the Patrick Brown campaign has chosen the latter path.

With surveys showing Brown trailing Pierre Poilievre by a wide margin, the Brown campaign is unleashing attacks that are becoming more and more unhinged day by day.

For example, here’s an email the Brown campaign sent out:




It gets even worse from the Patrick Brown campaign.

The campaign is claiming to have received the following email from a “Poilievre supporter”:

“1 of 3: The Patrick Brown campaign issued an email denouncing the racist “white replacement” conspiracy theory. Below is a screenshot of a response the campaign received. The campaign confirmed this email was sent from an active CPC member.”

“2 of 3: The campaign has forwarded this email to the party’s Executive Director and have asked that this membership be revoked. We expect all campaigns will support this call.”

“3 of 3: No person who holds these vile beliefs should have a home in the Conservative Party of Canada.”

As Cory Morgan said, this kind of attack is “sad and low”:

Even though there is no name attached to the email publicly shared by the Brown campaign, and even though it’s just a bit too ‘convenient’ that the email ends with “I support Pierre Poilievre,” the Poilievre campaign still felt pressured to respond – likely due to the incredulousness of the establishment press in pushing the story:

“I reject all racism. If you are a racist, I don’t want your vote. Anyone promoting racism has not place in our party and should lose their membership,” said Poilievre.

As if the vile tactics of the Patrick Brown campaign aren’t bad enough, they’re now claiming that Poilievre would make things ‘dangerous’ for minorities.

As Andrew Lawton discusses in the video below, the Patrick Brown campaign is “doing the dirty work for the left.”

Family ties

Now, we should all be reluctant to bring candidates families into politics.

That said, it has to be mentioned that Pierre Poilievre’s wife is herself a minority, and that it is absurd to attempt to claim that he is running some sort of anti-minority campaign.

In fact, Poilievre is one of the few candidates who has tried to focus on issues beyond race, like the unifying ideals of freedom and individual rights.

On Twitter, Anaida Poilievre made the point that it’s insulting to ethnic Conservatives to try and portray CPC members as racists:

“The Liberal media & other CPC candidates continue their obsession of portraying conservatives as “racists”.It is despicable & insulting to our ethnic members & frankly to my family & children. Sad to see other candidates use Liberal media talking points to attack us. Shame on you”

Burn it all down

Both the Patrick Brown and Charest campaigns appear to have a “burn it all down” attitude towards the leadership race.

If they can’t win, they’ll try to destroy the party for whomever does.

As Lawton noted in the video above, the Patrick Brown campaign is even now talking as if the CPC ‘deserves’ to lose if Poilievre becomes the leader.

That attitude shows contempt towards Conservatism in Canada, and contempt for CPC members.

At this point, the increasingly desperate, disgusting, and divisive campaign against Poilievre makes the gutter look pristine by comparison.

Spencer Fernando

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