Political Realignment Continues As CPC Shows Sustained Strength Among Young Canadians

Will the CPC make the most of this historic opportunity, or will they blow it by choosing a leader who pushes a Trudeau-style agenda?

As I’ve been saying for some time, the failure of Justin Trudeau’s economic policies and his willingness to use state power to infringe on individual freedoms have created the potential for an historic political realignment in Canada.

Combined with Pierre Poilievre’s growing national profile as an advocate for policies that will create more economic opportunities and financial freedom for young Canadians, we are seeing a dramatic shift in the voting preferences of young Canadians.

Numerous polls have shown this, and an Ekos poll is the latest to confirm the trend:

“Conservatives now the most popular party for those 18-34 years old.”

While the head of Ekos has been going on odd tirades against Pierre Poilievre and the CPC, the polling numbers from Ekos track with what other polls have shown.

The fact is, Poilievre is one of the few politicians who is proposing a dramatic alternative to the inflationary policies of the Trudeau Liberals/Singh NDP/Out of touch CPC establishment.

As a result, young people are increasingly open to voting Conservative.

The arrogance of the Liberal government also plays into this:

“Freeland thinks Canadians that complain about gas prices and inflation are helping Putin?

It’s a mystery why Millennials, and the working and middle classes, now support @PierrePoilievre.”


On Twitter, columnist Sabrina Maddeaux has been making a similar point:

“Me: Young people are really pissed about housing

Political class: So?

Me: They will vote for anyone who talks about housing

Political class: Nah you crazy

Me: Even a Conservative

Political class: LMAO

Me: …

Political class: 😱”


“Part of why the millennial move to Conservatives remains under the radar is bc younger Cdns think they’ll be ostracized. So it’s happening behind closed doors, out of the view of most pundits & politicians. But I’ve been seeing it in my DMs and real-life convos for awhile now.”

Will the CPC blow it?

Now, it is essential to note that the CPC will only become the party of young Canadians if they chose a leader – like Pierre Poilievre – who has been speaking to their concerns and who proposes an agenda that is vastly different from Trudeau.

If the CPC picks someone like Jean Charest as their leader, young Canadians will rightfully surmise that the same failed establishment remains in control, meaning the same inflationary Trudeau-style policies will remain in place.

In that case, youth voter turnout will likely collapse, with many young Canadians understandably demoralized by a failed political system.

So, in a very real way, the financial futures of many young Canadians depend on what the CPC does in their leadership race, and the political future of the CPC also depends on it.

The CPC will either become a party that can broaden their support amid a historical generational shift, or they will fall further and further into irrelevance.

Spencer Fernando


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