Trudeau Government Extends Border Restrictions

While the world moves on, Canada remains stuck with damaging draconian measures because of the Trudeau Liberal government.

A day after voting against a Conservative Motion calling for an end to travel bans on unvaccinated Canadians, the Trudeau government is extending border restrictions.

The restrictions apply to people flying into the country, and requires that they prove they have been vaccinated.

This is a key cause of the increasing dysfunction at Canada’s airports.

Monette Pasher, the interim head of the Canadian Airports Council, has made clear that federal mandates are causing significant problems at our airports:

“We’re seeing that we clearly cannot have these public health requirements and testing at our borders as we get back to regular travel,” said Pasher.

“Getting back to regular travel with these health protocols and testing in place, the two can’t coexist without a significant pressure and strain on our system,” she added.

Yet, rather than listen to these concerns, rather than listen to increasingly outraged Canadians who are appalled at poor airport service, and rather than look to what most other countries are doing, the Trudeau Liberals have extended the restrictions for another month.

Media is a large part of the problem

Amazingly, the establishment press – aside from failing to hold the Liberals accountable for the disastrous situation at airports – is pushing the government to be even harsher and demand three vaccine doses:

Alghabra has also tried to downplay the impact of restrictions on the situation at airports:

“Public health measures may be part of the reason we have slowness at the airports and we’re looking at that but there are other jurisdictions that have volume issues that do not have any no public health measures” – Transport Minister Omar Alghabra #cdnpoli”

Vindictive actions by an incompetent government

Increasingly, we see that nothing really works in Canada.

Inflation is out of control, the housing market has been completely distorted, the healthcare system is a mess, our military is underfunded, taxes are rising…

The Liberal government can’t even competently manage the airports, and are making things worse with their ongoing restrictions.

Mixed in with the incompetence is the vindictive attitude of the Liberal government.

They continue to restrict the rights and freedoms of millions of Canadians, making our nation an authoritarian outlier.

They are unwilling to let go of the fear-based, control-obsessed mindset, no matter how much damage it does.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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