SURVEY: Poilievre Maintains Dominant Lead, Most Popular Among CPC Supporters & All Voters

Another blow to the Charest-Brown narrative.

A new Leger survey shows Pierre Poilievre retains a dominant lead in popularity among CPC supporters.

44% of Canadians who support the CPC pick Poilievre as best CPC leader, compared to just 14% who support Charest.

Patrick Brown has 4%, Leslyn Lewis has 3%, Roman Baber is at 2%, and Scott Aitchison is at 1% respectively.

8% of CPC supporters say they support “none of them,” while 23% say they “don’t know.”

Poilievre also leads among general public

Among all respondents, 18% pick Poilievre as the best candidate for CPC leader.

14% pick Charest.

6% pick Brown.

2% pick Leslyn Lewis, 1% pick Roman Baber, and 1% pick Scott Aitchison.

27% say “none,” and 31% say they “don’t know.”

A blow to the Charest-Brown narrative

Over and over again, the Charest and Brown campaigns have tried to claim that Poilievre is unpopular among the general public.

However, this survey – similar to many other surveys – demonstrates that Poilievre is more popular than Charest and Brown among both CPC supporters and among the general public.

Furthermore, it is believed that Poilievre’s support among CPC members – as differentiated from the broader segment of CPC supporters – is even higher.

Simply put, this survey means Charest & Brown are less popular than Poilievre.

Media bias

As we’ve seen, the establishment media has been trying to push the same message as Charest & Brown in attempting to demonize Poilievre.

And that continued in their response to the same Leger poll I’m writing about here.

Note how the basic facts of the poll are that Poilievre is more popular among CPC supporters and that he is also more popular among Canadians overall.

Yet, this is how CTV chose to promote it:

“New poll suggests Liberal, NDP voters prefer Charest and Brown over Poilievre”

It truly takes effort for CTV to have looked at the results of the poll and manage to extract that headline.

Clearly, it’s an attempt to make Poilievre look bad while boosting Charest & Brown.

They completely ignore the main takeaway of the poll – which is that Poilievre is more popular among the general public and CPC supporters.

This is an example of why trust in the establishment media has declined so severely, and why more Canadians are turning to Independent media to get the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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