Contact Your Senators And Urge Them To Stop Bill C-11

The dangerous C-11 can still be stopped.

It’s not too late to stop Bill C-11.

We’ve already seen the Senate stop the Trudeau government from imposing Bill S-7 , which would have granted the government authoritarian powers to inspect your digital devices when coming back into the country based only on the vague idea of “reasonable general concern.”

Following heavy criticism and backlash, the Senate ensured it wouldn’t pass.

The same can be done with Bill C-11.

“Will you stand on the right side of history?

On your next coffee break, take just 2 minutes to email 1 Senator. Tell them to take their time, and don’t give in on C-11, just because the Liberals want free speech powers by the Summer break.”

As much as the Senate has been maligned, the obsession with power and authoritarian direction of the Trudeau government has led the Senate to be more necessary than ever, with our country desperately needing some ‘sober-second-thought.’

And when the Liberal government is trampling on our democratic norms, sober-second-thought is essential:

As Michael Geist noted on his website, the process has been a “sham”:

“With roughly 170 amendments proposed by five parties, there was only time for a fraction of the amendments to be reviewed. Instead, once the government-imposed deadline arrived at 9:00 pm, the committee moved to voting on the remaining proposed amendments without any debate, discussion, questions for department officials, or public disclosure of what was being voted on. The voting ran past midnight with the public left with little idea of what is in or out of the bill. The updated bill will be posted in the next day or so.

This sham process notably excluded debate on many of the proposed amendments on regulating user content.”

Why the rush?

The Liberals are doing something we often see in authoritarian states:

Rushing legislation through without time for proper debate.

The Liberals don’t want to spend time publicly defending Bill C-11. Instead, they want the power C-11 gives them.

So they are trying to ram it through in as quick and as secretive a way as they can.

Speak out, fight back

We must fight back by speaking out against C-11.

One thing you can do is to contact your Senators and make your opinion on C-11 clear.

Tell them to stand up for our rights and freedoms by voting against C-11.

And, as Senator Denise Batters said on Twitter, you can focus your efforts on non-Conservative Senators, since CPC Senators are already opposing it:

A groundswell of public opinion can still have an impact on the Senate, and the Senate has the power to stop C-11.

Contact your Senators, share this post, and encourage everyone you know to push back against the dangerous Liberal agenda.


Spencer Fernando


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