Governments Have Forgotten They Are Supposed To Serve The People

Rather than defending our rights and freedoms, statist politicians are purposely wrecking their own economies and stealing the economic freedom of their Citizens.

Usually, I tend to avoid discussion of political events in other countries.

Canadian media often has far too much focus on events elsewhere, even when there is a need for a focus on Canada.

We need to be talking more about what happens here.

With that said, sometimes events in other countries have a clear link to Canada, or can demonstrate how the political class are acting in a similarly damaging way to our own leaders.

The protests by Dutch Farmers are a clear example of this.

In a move they claim is about the climate, the Dutch government is imposing regulations that could lead to the shuttering of 30% of all livestock farms.

Understandably, Dutch farmers are enraged by this direct attack on their livelihoods.

It’s a feeling similar to what many Canadians have gone through, as some politicians sitting in a far-away office are able to impose rules and regulations that destroy the economic futures of their Citizens.

We can see the overarching trend of how governments no longer serve the people, and in many ways work against their own Citizens.

Of course, those decisions never impact the politicians or the elites, as it’s always those who do the truly essential work that take the biggest hit.

Here in Canada, the Liberal government has been glad to destroy the livelihoods of energy sector workers – yet are now pathetically complaining that there aren’t enough workers in the sector they tried to destroy.

They tried to destroy the livelihoods of unvaccinated Canadians.

They tried to destroy the livelihoods of Canadian truckers.

They’ve restricted the rights of Canadians in ways many of us never thought possible.

They can’t even manage airports or the passport office, which limits the freedom Canadians should have to leave the country.

They keep raising taxes, further worsening inflation which makes life less and less affordable.

And, as we’ve seen, they are willing to pit unvaccinated and vaccinated Canadians against each other for their own selfish political benefit.

Fighting against their own Citizens

What links all of this together, whether in Canada, the Netherlands, or elsewhere, is the fact that more and more governments have completely abandoned their traditional role.

Rather than focusing on a few basic core tasks, and rather than defending individual freedoms and otherwise staying out of the way, governments increasingly insert themselves into every aspect of our lives.

Rather than fight for us, they fight against us, with every new decision and government action making things worse.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that more and more people are seeing their own governments has an adversary, rather than an advocate.

Spencer Fernando


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