WATCH: In Condescending & Elitist Remarks, Chrystia Freeland Makes It Clear The Liberals Want Higher & Higher Fuel Prices

Freeland claims surging gas prices are “a reminder of why climate action is so important,” as the Liberals continue to purposely make life more and more expensive.

Chrystia Freeland has yet again demonstrated the condescending and arrogant elitism that is at the core of the Trudeau Liberal government.

When asked about concerns from truckers regarding high fuel prices, Freeland launched into an arrogant lecture about ‘climate action.’

“During a press conference at a Brampton shipping company today, a Red FM reporter shared concerns with the DPM from truckers hurting over high fuel prices.

She responded that high fuel prices are a “reminder of why climate action is so important””

Freeland unaffected by high gas & fuel prices

Freeland gets a big taxpayer-funded paycheque, and the Liberals have repeatedly voted to raise their own pay.

Freeland also gets her travel covered by taxpayer dollars.

So, she is unaffected by high fuel prices.

And, just like arrogant elitist Trudeau, Freeland and the Liberals couldn’t care less if Canadians are being screwed over.

Freeland shows no regard for the economic pain facing Canadians, and is – along with Trudeau – actually purposely making that pain even worse.

By continuing to impose the ever-increasing carbon tax, and with the new ‘clean fuel standard’ coming into effect next year, the Liberals are deliberately driving up inflation and deliberately pushing fuel prices higher.

Freeland & Trudeau want you to sacrifice for their power-hungry utopian vision

When I talk about how the Trudeau Liberals show contempt and even a hateful attitude towards many Canadians, this is what I’m talking about.

They seem to see Canadians as nothing more than units they can leech money away from.

They take our money, make our lives more expensive, stop people from getting ahead, and they do it all to fulfill their own ‘utopian vision,’ a vision that just so happens to result in people like Freeland and Trudeau having all the power, and everyone else being dependent on the government.

Their actions – and statements like Freeland’s – make it beyond obvious that the Liberals want inflation to keep going up, and that they are glad to see Canadians suffer economically.

This is a government that is not only failing to stand up for Canadians, but is actively standing against Canadians, purposely imposing policies that are meant to make our lives worse and push more and more people into financial ruin.

Spencer Fernando


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