BREAKING: Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper Endorses Pierre Poilievre For CPC Leader

This will add to Poilievre’s already dominating momentum in the CPC race.

Leading in all the polls and with a huge lead in membership sales, the Pierre Poilievre campaign was already in a dominating position.

And now, Poilievre can add even more momentum to his campaign.

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the only leader of the Conservative Party of Canada to win an election, and someone held in increasingly high-esteem as Justin Trudeau’s disastrous reign continues – has endorsed Poilievre.

Here’s what Harper said:



Poilievre responds

Pierre Poilievre responded to Harper’s endorsement:

“Prime Minister @stephenharper led Canada through turbulent economic times, balanced the budget, and made life more affordable for Canadian families.

I was proud to serve in his Cabinet, and it’s a big honour to have his support in this leadership race.”

This will provide a strong boost to Poilievre’s campaign, as he know has the support of a majority of CPC MPs, the institutional power of Harper & Harper’s loyalists, and the vast number of people he has signed up to join the party during the leadership race.

Now, it’s time for the CPC to rally behind Poilievre and focus on defeating the dangerous authoritarian socialist Trudeau Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook