Establishment Press Continues To Show Arrogance & Contempt For Canadians

This is why more and more Canadians are turning against the establishment media.

We can read and write all we want about how the establishment press has total contempt for Canadians.

But sometimes, a video says it all.

And this video, showing CTV ‘journalist’ Glen McGregor pushing himself into a crowd of supporters of Tamara Lich, demonstrates exactly the attitude so many Canadians despise in the press:

They think they are better than you

What we see here is the attitude of total arrogance and elitism from the establishment press.

Just look at the total disregard the journalist showed for the supporters of Tamara Lich, thinking he could just push his way through.

This is the attitude of the establishment media that has enraged so many Canadians.

The establishment hasn’t realized that each and every one of us is now the media.

We can all share our views without having to go through the middleman of the press.

We can all report on events.

And we can all find the truth for ourselves, without needing it to be ‘interpreted’ (AKA ‘spun’) by those in the legacy media.

We have figured this out already, but much of the media still hasn’t.

They still act as if they have some sort of superior, privileged position, without realizing that Canadians no longer see it that way.

Running on fumes

Much of the establishment media is facing financial ruin and running on fumes, due to their severe and growing disconnect from Canadians.

Where the press once spoke truth to power, it now speaks power to truth.

Just look at how gleefully the media tried to demonize the Freedom Convoy while giving a free pass to Justin Trudeau’s rampant abuse of government power.

There is now a co-dependent relationship between the establishment press and the Trudeau Liberals, where the Liberals need the press to push their propaganda, while the press needs the Liberals to direct taxpayer money towards them to stay afloat.

Of course, that all happens without the consent of Canadian taxpayers, who are being forced to prop up failing and biased media outlets.

The more the media shows the kind of arrogance and contempt we saw in the videos above, the more the Liberals will double-down on supporting them, and the more Canadians will turn against them by seeking Independent alternatives.

Spencer Fernando

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