WATCH: Huawei Charest Refuses To Say Whether He’ll Support CPC If He Loses Leadership Race

Just like the questions about how much he was paid by Huawei, Charest isn’t willing to give a clear answer.

One of the recurring questions facing Jean Charest during the CPC leadership race is how much he was paid by Communist-China-controlled Huawei.

Charest has been asked multiple times, yet fails over and over again to give an answer.

That’s a key reason why he is now known to many Canadians as “Huawei Charest.”

Indeed, Charest’s work for the Communist China company Huawei has been a massive hinderance to his leadership bid. With Conservative Canadians the most opposed to Justin Trudeau’s pro-CCP agenda, why would the party want to be led by someone who would continue Trudeau’s approach?

Another question that has come up over and over again for Charest is whether he would run as a CPC candidate/support the CPC if he loses the leadership race.

With a Charest loss looking incredibly likely as he massively trails Pierre Poilievre in membership sales, donors, overall donations, and support among the party base, it is a relevant question.

During the farce of a ‘debate’ that took place on Wednesday, Charest was asked by Scott Aitchison if he would support the party if he lost the race.

That question was repeated to Charest after the debate.

As you can see below, he once again refused to answer:

“So there it is, Win or bust.”

This is no surprise.

From the beginning, it has been clear that Charest has little respect for the CPC base. 

His campaign appears increasingly angry and unhinged as their efforts to impose a Trudeauesque worldview on the CPC fail, leading them to launch escalating Liberal-style attacks that demonize both frontrunner Pierre Poilievre, and the CPC base.

Facing impending defeat, Charest is doubling-down on a strategy that has repeatedly backfired, further estranging him from CPC members.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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