WATCH: Trudeau Once Again Shows He Doesn’t Think The Rules Apply To Him

This is a key part of the reason so many Canadians have such hostility towards the PM and the government.

Surveys continue to show that Canadians are growing more and more hostile to Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

Trudeau can rarely venture out in public without Canadians expressing their opposition to him.

Perhaps that’s why left the country entirely for a vacation, rather than supporting Canada’s devastated tourism industry.

The establishment media likes to blame the public for being angry at Trudeau, without considering why the anger exists in the first place.

That further demonstrates how the establishment media is now little more than an extension of the government propaganda apparatus.

Indeed, one feature of authoritarian states is that the media demonizes anyone who opposes the government, while ignoring what the government has done to generate such opposition.

He thinks he’s better than you

However, Independent media like yours truly are now filling the role the establishment has abandoned.

And we are rightfully focusing on why there is such opposition to Trudeau.

Of course, the moribund economy and the ongoing assault on our freedoms is a big reason.

Another reason is the attitude Trudeau demonstrates time and time again:

He thinks he’s better than you.

He thinks he should have the power to impose rules and restrictions on you while exempting himself.

Getting off the plane in Costa Rica, Trudeau demonstrated that attitude:

“Video of Justin Trudeau arriving in Costa Rica on Monday — there is so much to parse here – from the sneezes to Sophie appearing to welcome the entourage.


In response, CPC leadership race frontrunner Pierre Poilievre ripped Trudeau’s “unmasked hypocrisy” and “rules for thee, but not for me” attitude:

“Unmasked hypocrisy.

Trudeau demands you still wear a mask on planes and trains.

But on his private jet to a Costa Rican vacation, the masks come off.

Rules for thee, but not for me.”

In addition to the mask hypocrisy, Trudeau was also able to avoid all the ArriveCAN insanity and bypass the disastrous situation at Canada’s airports.

Canadians must have self-respect

At this point, we know who Trudeau is.

We know how he thinks.

We know he believes he’s better than the people of this country.

What remains to be answered is whether Canadians will show some self-respect and ensure Trudeau is defeated.

Canadians must show that we believe in ourselves, and that we believe we deserve leaders who will respect our rights and freedoms and serve the nation, rather than arrogantly rule over it.

Spencer Fernando

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