BREAKING: Only Two Healthcare Systems Exist On Planet Earth

The Canadian system and the American system are the only ways healthcare can be delivered.

In stunning findings, the experts – following the best science – have confirmed that only two healthcare systems exist on planet Earth.

The Canadian socialized healthcare system, and the American private healthcare system were confirmed to be the only two systems that exist, ever have existed, or could possibly exist.

The experts also revealed that anyone who claimed that some sort of mythical ‘different’ system existed was in fact a sleeper agent seeking to impose the American system on an unsuspecting populace.

An absurd debate

The section above is obviously absurd.

And yet, that absurdity is what passes for ‘debate’ on healthcare in Canada today.

The biggest pushers of the absurdity are politicians like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh:

“Universal Public Healthcare is a core Canadian value.

US-Style Privatization isn’t – and it will find an adversary in me and every New Democrat across Canada.”

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals make similar claims, and we hear it repeated by many provincial politicians as well.

However, as Jennifer Elle aptly noted on Twitter, Jagmeet Singh is wrong:

“So @theJagmeetSingh is either disingenuous or has no basic understanding of health care models around the world. He is the only one assuming that Canada will eliminate universal access to health care and move to a US model. He really should stop.”

The fact is, both the Canadian system and the America system are rarities in the world.

They are outliers.

Many countries look askance at the US system due to how high the cost can be for often basic service.

Meanwhile, many also find the Canadian system baffling, as our country appears determined to keep throwing money at an obviously broken model.

Much of the world – particularly countries in Europe with similar per-capita GDP numbers to Canada – get better healthcare results with less spending.

Those countries blend aspects of public and private delivery, often letting people opt out of the public system, or providing universal access that is delivered by private hospitals.

Those mixed healthcare models manage to ensure widespread access, as well as innovation and effective service delivery.

Politicians like Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau are determined to keep Canadians ignorant of that fact:

“It has been the favourite trope of the Left. They aren’t going to drop it, ever.

The only change will come when the system crashes & burns.”

As the system crumbles across the country, it seems that the crashing and burning is taking place.

Sooner or later, Canada will have no choice but to have more privatized healthcare.

And when that happens, when Canadians see that universal access and private delivery can go hand in hand, many will wonder why politicians lied to us for so long and tried to keep us trapped in a failed socialist system.

Spencer Fernando


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