Canadians Must Be Told Which Of Our Politicians Are Working For Foreign Powers

We don’t have a democracy if we can’t trust our leaders to be loyal to Canada.

As first reported by Blacklock’s, it is known within the government security apparatus that multiple Canadian politicians – at all levels of government – are working for foreign countries:

“MPs, provincial legislators and city councillors are known to be in the pay of foreign agents, a former espionage officer yesterday told the Commons ethics committee. The foreign agents’ source country was not named though cabinet has accused China of clandestine activities: “What we know for sure is we have various foreign countries that succeeded in recruiting elected officials – again, municipal, provincial or federal.””

This means that – at this very moment – our democracy has been subverted and infiltrated from within.

We can’t trust our democracy and we can’t even call it a democracy if we have numerous elected officials that are working for a foreign power rather than Canadians.

Why haven’t Canadians been told?

This all raises the following question:

Why haven’t Canadians been told who the foreign-controlled politicians are?

How can the government possibly justify keeping that information from the public.

If the government works for us – which is how it is supposed to be – we should know about this.

We MUST know about this.

And the fact that we don’t tells you that there are clearly people within the Liberal government – likely very high up – who work for a foreign power rather than Canadians.

Indeed, many Canadians felt that kind of doubt about Justin Trudeau himself, due to his repeated efforts to distance Canada from our traditional allies and move us more into the orbit of Communist China.

Those efforts only ceased when public opinion became so anti-Communist China that backbench Liberal MPs started to push back on Trudeau’s agenda, but there is no evidence this was the result of any ideological shift on Trudeau’s part.

Danger to the country

Thus, at this very moment, foreign-controlled operatives are working in our government and making decisions that impact our lives, and the government has denied us the ability to know who they are.

The next PM must ensure that this information is released to Canadians, because we won’t have a real democracy without being able to know and act upon it.

Spencer Fernando


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