City Of Vancouver Job Posting For Lifeguard Demands Applicants Be Fully Vaccinated & Committed To “Decolonization”

Welcome to Clown World.

It seems the more serious Canada’s problems become, the less serious our leaders are.

Entire cities are now run by completely out-to-lunch far-left radicals, who spend their time on ever-more insane virtue-signalling while drug use, homelessness, and violent crime surges out of control.

The more their cities become chaotic and unaffordable, the more they narrow their focus to the most absurd ‘woke’ policies they possibly can.

And so, the more this trend continues the more Canada resembles Clown World.

Just take a look at this City of Vancouver job posting for a lifeguard:

The job posting says “the City of Vancouver seeks colleagues who can help shape and embody our core commitments to sustainability, decolonization, equity and outstanding quality of life for all residents.”

All candidates must be fully vaccinated:

“The City of Vancouver has a COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy. All external applicants applying to the City of Vancouver are required to be fully vaccinated as a condition of hire and subject to this policy as a condition of ongoing employment. Candidates may only be exempted from this requirement if they request and are approved for an accommodation based on a reason related to a Human Rights Code ground (such as disability). Such a request must be made during, not after, the recruitment process.”

And of course, they hint at ‘diversity’ quotas:

“At the City of Vancouver, we are committed to recruiting a diverse workforce that represents the community we so proudly serve. Indigenous applicants, people of colour, all genders, LGBT2Q+ and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Accommodations will be provided upon request during the selection process. Learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

Again, this is for a LIFEGUARD.

The fact that all of this has to be mentioned demonstrates the quasi-religious nature of much of the wokeness we see today.

It’s like an article of faith that a land acknowledgment must be made, that a commitment to “decolonization” must be uttered, and that diversity quotas must be mentioned.

The idea of just hiring someone to do the job, and looking for the best person for the job based on merit has been completely abandoned.

A big reason why things are getting worse

The more we see absurd woke virtue-signalling being imposed everywhere, and the more merit-based hiring goes away, the more we also see things getting simultaneously worse and more expensive.

The government in Canada has never been bigger, more fully staffed, or expensive, and yet nothing seems to work.

Our society increasingly puts virtue-signalling ahead of even basic competence, and we are seeing the results of that kind of thinking.

The only thing that can save Canada now is for common-sense to make a comeback.

Spencer Fernando

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay


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