WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Pledges To Cut Taxes, Cap Government Spending, And Reward Hard Work

CPC frontrunner also says he will simplify the tax code.

In a well-communicated and highly effective video, Pierre Poilievre made some significant policy promises and further outlined his vision for Canada.

Poilievre says he will cut taxes, cap government spending to ensure the government can afford those tax cuts, and work with provinces on changing the benefits system to ensure that hard work is rewarded.

As Poilievre explains in the video, the current tax and benefit system often functions like a ‘cliff,’ rather than a ramp.

When someone is trying to escape poverty and free themselves from dependence on government, the system often punishes them for this, at times making it more financially rewarding to work less and make less money, since the loss of benefits would outweigh any increased income.

Such a system punishes productivity, and as Poilievre notes, if you punish something you get less of it.

Instead, the system should reward work and reward productivity.

An important mental shift

A key reason Poilievre’s video is so effective is that it directly confronts the Liberal big-government worldview, and goes into detail on how that worldview is damaging to those it claims to help.

By contrast, a small-government, low-tax system with a benefits program that rewards productivity would help people escape from poverty, rather than keeping them trapped in it.

For a long-time, many Canadians have been waiting to hear a message like this.

The CPC has repeatedly chosen to immediately surrender to the Liberal worldview, and then offer a few little tweaks around the edges.

They’ve been afraid to talk about cutting spending, afraid to talk about rewarding work, and afraid to push for smaller government.

But now, Poilievre is pushing for all of those things, in an effective way that connects pro-freedom conservativism to the problems people are facing in their everyday lives.

It’s the kind of message that can win both a leadership race, and a general election.

You can watch Poilievre’s video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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