Poilievre To Ban “Bureaucratese,” Promote Clear Language In Government

“Simple is smart” says CPC leadership frontrunner.

In a new video, CPC leadership race frontrunner Pierre Poilievre is pledging to ban “bureaucratese” – overly complex language – in government.

Poilievre noted that bureaucratese costs businesses billions of dollars every year as they try to deal with regulations and needlessly complex language from authorities.

That’s time they could be using to grow their businesses, hire workers, and strengthen the economy, but instead they are bogged down dealing with endless pages of government-speak.

The kind of complex language governments use is a way for them to assert their own power and dominance, and look more important than they are.

True communication is about making complex things simple to understand, whereas governments like to make simple things complex to understand.

Positive populism

While the establishment media loves to demonize populism, what matters is whether it is channeled positively or negatively.

Some politicians – like Justin Trudeau in the 2021 election campaign – channeled it negatively, when he targeted public anger at unvaccinated Canadians and tried to divide the nation.

Others – like Pierre Poilievre – are channeling it in a positive way.

Poilievre isn’t talking about demolishing Canada’s institutions, he’s talking about improving them and making them accountable to the Canadian People. That is exactly what is necessary to protect faith in democracy and renew democracy for the next generation.

And in an era in which each of us must have the power to expose mistreatment and government overreach, ensuring that the government speaks with Citizens in a clear voice – rather than a purposely convoluted and confusing voice – is essential.

You can watch Poilievre’s video below:

Spencer Fernando


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