DISGRACE: Parliamentary Press Gallery Journalist Tweets “You Shoot Them” In Reference To Conservative MP

The government and members of the establishment press has refused to condemn this vile and dangerous language.

A member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery – the elitist institution that often seeks to exclude independent media while allowing foreign propagandists into their club – has used dangerous and violent rhetoric towards a Conservative MP.

Following MP Garnett Genuis including Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics in a Question Period statement, Dale Smith (who goes by @journo_dale) on Twitter, compared Genuis to a lame horse and lame horses should be shot.

Here is a screenshot in case it is deleted, with a link to the Tweet below:


Smith faced rapid condemnation from Conservative MPs, and CPC Leader Pierre Poilievre:

“Dale, you are using a violent metaphor invoking an image of shooting someone you disagree with. You are a member of the parliamentary press gallery. If a Conservative MP did something like this, you would be the first to demand their resignation. You are a complete hypocrite.”

“So a member of the press gallery tweets that a Conservative MP should be shot.

Where is the outrage?

Have the Prime Minister or journalists condemned this incitement to violence?”

Trudeau & establishment media hypocrites are silent

After trying to turn one man yelling at Chrystia Freeland into some sort of national moment and huge crisis, it’s interesting to see how the establishment press and the Trudeau government (basically the same thing at this point), are silent about the horrendous rhetoric used by Smith against Genuis.

This again demonstrates their complete hypocrisy.

They don’t care about incitement or hate towards politicians or potential violence in the nation. They merely seek to exploit specific incidents that they can use to further their agenda of censorship and expanded state power.

Just like how the establishment press constantly call for ‘decorum’ and then screamed at Poilievre at during one of his first news conferences, it is clear that they have no principles aside from relentlessly assaulting our rights and freedoms and seeking to exclude all other voices.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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