Trudeau & Singh Want Canadians To Settle For Mediocrity & Decline

Canada has immense potential, but it is being squandered by those who want to keep our nation mired in division and economic stagnation.

Take a look at this:

Why does this stunning change in housing affordability coincide with Justin Trudeau’s time in office?

Because since taking power, Trudeau has explicitly sought to restrict the parts of the Canadian economy that generate real production.

About $150 Billion in energy projects have been cancelled since Trudeau became PM:

“Canadian and international investors have had a hard time getting shovels in the ground on their projects, even after securing regulatory approval. The reasons have been many: pure economics, political divisions, Indigenous disapproval and environmental concerns.

All of the above factors have left a slew of projects stranded as Canadians are unable to agree on our need to develop resources and at the same time fight climate change. Together, they make up around $150 billion of lost investment opportunity that would have generated taxes, jobs and businesses for the domestic economy.”

Just imagine all that could have been built with that.

All the hospitals.

All the schools.

All the roads.

All the military enhancements we so desperately need. 

All the tax reductions to incentivize more investment.

Instead, it was all squandered.

All lost.

Those who had money to invest instead had to turn elsewhere, either to foreign countries, or to the housing market.

Canada’s economy is more dependent on housing – as a percentage of GDP – than the United States was before the 2008 financial crisis.

What the hell are we doing as a country?

Quite frankly, it is absolutely pathetic that our country finds ourselves in this position.

We have nearly limitless land.

We have massive reserves of natural resources.

We have a well-educated and productive population.

We have a military and economic alliance with the world’s most powerful country, and are part of the most powerful military alliance (NATO) the world has ever known.

There is no excuse for our middling performance.

There is no excuse for an entire generation to be increasingly locked out of buying a home.

There is no excuse for our military to be so underfunded and demoralized.

Simply put, our country is choosing to be weak and unambitious.

We are choosing to settle for less.

We are choosing mediocrity.

And now, Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh want to ensure we keep on making that choice.

Ask yourself this question:

When was the last time you heard Trudeau or Singh talk about Canada in a truly powerful and ambitious way?

When did they talk about Canada’s immense potential for wealth and influence in the world?

When did they talk about our country being strong militarily?

When did they talk about our resource sector growing in global market share?

When did they talk about empowering Canadians to be rich?

When did they talk about the fact that Canada should be the wealthiest nation on earth on a per capita GDP basis?

When did they talk about how Canada should be a world leader in innovation by embracing all sectors of our economy?

Yeah, I’m guessing you haven’t heard that from them too often.

Instead it’s all about how we need to settle for less, give up our standard of living, pay more taxes, watch our earnings be drained away by the government.

Use less energy they say.

Drive less.

Buy less.

Travel less.

Less, less, less.

Instead, Canada should be about more, more, and more.

We are supposed to be advancing, acquiring more wealth, building more, travelling more, achieving more.

Wanting more, believing the future can be better, has been the driving force behind the greatest civilizations in history.

‘Leaders’ like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh don’t understand that.

Instead, they are pushing us down, holding us back, and standing against the advancement that we deserve as a country.

Canadians need to continue to wake up to this reality. We shouldn’t feel ashamed for wanting more, and we shouldn’t feel bad for believing our country should seize the potential the future holds.

Any ‘leader’ who wants Canadians to feel guilty and accept less has no business being in a position of power in this country.

Spencer Fernando


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