WATCH: Andrew Scheer Explains How The Bank Of Canada Sought To Deceive Canadians

If institutions want to be trusted by the public, they must first begin telling the truth.

As we’ve discussed before, the Bank of Canada – along with the Liberal government – has sought to take advantage of public ignorance regarding monetary policy.

The operations of the Bank of Canada tend to be opaque, and the way the Bank of Canada can impact our lives often goes undiscussed.

This serves the interests of the Liberal government and the Bank of Canada.

The Liberal government loves inflation, because it leeches away the purchasing power of Canadians and concentrates it in the hands of the government, while doing so in a way that makes it appear as if it’s just ‘greedy companies’ raising prices.

Jagmeet Singh has also sought to take advantage of this, as his repeated attempts to blame inflation on businesses and ‘the rich’ demonstrate.

The Bank of Canada – having done significant damage to our nation by enabling Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending and contributing to the surging inflation that is robbing us of our purchasing power, while also repeatedly getting it wrong on inflation – is also hoping that public ignorance will enable them to evade responsibility.

Yet, a nation cannot improve if it remains mired in ignorance, because ignorance prevents us from understanding problems and then addressing those problems.

That’s why it was great to see Pierre Poilievre succeed in his leadership campaign, as he spent much of the campaign seeking to educate the public about the importance of fiscal responsibility and sound money.

And those education efforts are continuing.

In a recent video, Opposition House Leader Andrew Scheer went in to detail about how the Bank of Canada tried deceiving Canadians about money printing.

I encourage you to watch and share the video, because we need to do all we can to help ensure that all Canadians are well-versed in monetary policy and how the actions of the Bank of Canada impact us:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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