Canada’s State-Assisted Suicide Slippery Slope Is Now A Cliff

Underneath our supposed ‘compassion’ and ‘niceness’ lurks something sinister.

Canadian government officials and the story-tellers in the media love to talk about our country being a ‘nice’ and ‘compassionate’ place.

Many like to believe it.

But is it true?

Or, have we taken weaknesses – fear of conflict and an inability to challenge evil – and rebranded them?

Consider that we coddle the worst criminals, thus victimizing innocent people.

This is presented as ‘compassion,’ yet it is really weakness and an inability to distinguish right from wrong.

And what about our ‘niceness?’

As they say, a weak man who is ‘nice’ is nice because that’s the only option he has. Only someone who is strong can really be ‘nice,’ precisely because they have the choice not to be, and only by having a choice to act in a certain way or not can we say that we truly embody our claimed values.

Canada can’t defend ourselves, can’t defend our allies, and can’t defend our national interests.

And instead of addressing those serious flaws, we hide it behind the veneer of ‘niceness.’

And that brings us to the increasingly disturbing medical assistance in dying (MAiD) regime.

It is also presented as a ‘compassionate’ policy, yet it is increasingly being used almost as a tool to dispose of those who have been left behind.

Consider the situation of Amir Farsoud:

“A 54-year-old St. Catharines man is in the process of applying for medical assistance in dying (MAiD), not because he wants to die, but because social supports are failing him and he fears he may have no other choice.

Amir Farsoud lives with never-ending agony from a back injury years ago. He tells CityNews at its worst he is “crying like a 5-year-old and not sleeping for days in a row.” Farsoud also takes medication for depression and anxiety.

He describes his quality of life as “awful, non-existent and terrible … I do nothing other than manage pain.”

But Farsoud said his quality of life is not the reason he is applying for MAiD. He applied because he is currently in danger of losing his housing and fears being homeless over dying. “It’s not my first choice.”

Farsoud lives in a rooming house he shares with two other people, and it is currently up for sale. He is on social assistance and says he can’t find anywhere else to live that he can afford.

“I don’t want to die but I don’t want to be homeless more than I don’t want to die,” shared Farsoud.”

That ‘slippery slope’ many worried about in regard to the MAiD regime has become a cliff.

The failure of our socialized healthcare system, and the economic damage caused by inflation is leading Canadians to seek state-assistance to end their lives.

That is horrific.

And, keep in mind that we are a country that doesn’t have the death penalty for criminals, because that would apparently be ‘too mean.’

The priorities of this nation have been completely overturned.

We can’t get the basic functions of government right, yet the government still feels it has the right to insert itself into every aspect of our lives.

Our country should be helping our Citizens be protected in a dangerous world, help our Citizens prosper, and help our Citizens life, rather than closing off all alternatives until people wish for nothing more than death.

Spencer Fernando


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